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Hash phone looks like Nexus One, feels like iPhone probably performs like neither

24 Jul

Colors Mobile W7 HashNondescript cellphone companies vying for their share of the cellular boom in India are an inspired lot. Yeah, we have our share of BlackBerry look-alike phones from every vendor with them claiming that there is only one design for a bar phone with a QWERTY keypad, but this one takes the cake. Say hello to the W7 Hash from one Color Mobile that rehashes the best of all worlds. So you get the look of the Nexus One complete with the four soft keys for back, menu, home and search (we are not sure if these keys perform the same functions as on Android) and you have the iPhone UI with icons lifted from Apple’s iOS (our favourite being the Opera logo in Safari colours). The vendor claims that this baby has a 3.2 inch HVGA touchscreen display (320×480 pixels), Wi-Fi and supports Java. In all likelihood, it would also have Dual-SIM capabilities. Priced at Rs 6,500, the W7 Hash phone will be available in India soon. If it were running Android, we would have probably not complained about the inspirations behind its existence. Or probably we still would have…