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HTC to launch its non-smartphone handset 'Smart' tomorrow!

28 Mar

Smart – the first non-smartphone device by Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC – is all set to hit Indian market tomorrow. After being announced at CES, the phone immediately captured everybody’s attention because of its capability of bringing a similar version of the famous HTC’s Sense UI that will make the device act like a smartphone. The Smart is speculated to be priced at under Rs 10,000  


As for the specs part: based on Qualcomm’s BREW Mobile Platform, sports a 2.8-inch TFT-LCD touchsensitive screen, a 3.0 MP camera, Bluetooth, a 3.5 mm audio jack and is expected to offer a talktime of 7.5 hours.

Nokia’s unannounced Saga accidentally leaked in an ad

15 Jan

Recently, an unannounced device by Nokia called the Saga got accidentally leaked in an advertisement at the bottom end of the AccuWeather widget on Nokia N97 and N97 Mini.

The device resembles the N97 Mini but the question is, if it is N97 Mini then why ‘Saga’ is printed on the advertisement? 

Though the guys at Symbian-Guru tried to confirm the news with Nokia but nothing was revealed as they said that the device pictured is the N97 Mini.

However, the picture of the device doesn’t show a tilting display, which indicates that the Saga is a different device. Eldar Murtazin, the resourceful editor of Mobile Review, claims that the Saga is a mid-end phone that is targeted at BRIC countries and is expected to retail around Euro 170. If true, we can look forward to an official announcement from Nokia at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, where Nokia is organising a parallel event.

Mobile app developers go Yahoo!

8 Jan

In an apparent bid to woo application developers (a la Android?), Yahoo! has announced a mobile developer platform that would enable developers to create applications that can be viewed on a wide range of cellphones. According to a release issued by the company at the ongoing CES 2008, Yahoo! will provide developers with tools to write the code, which will transform their applications into mobile widgets. These widgets will then be made available via Yahoo! Go, the brand’s application for cellphones.

Yahoo! also upgraded Yahoo! Go to version 3.0 and is also developing its new homepage that has been designed keeping the mobile Internet browsing in mind. We tried downloading Yahoo! Go 3.0 on a Nokia E61i, which unfortunately wasn’t supported at the moment. It seems that the devices that are supported are limited and Yahoo! is still working overtime to get things in place. All we hope is this time Yahoo! really delivers on its promise.

Another accessory from Sony Ericsson

7 Jan

It is past 2:00 AM over here but product leaks from Sony Ericsson just won’t stop. Now we have a unique cellphone case accessory in which you store the phone inside and the top of the cover has a speaker! Uber cool is what we say! By the way, the name is MAS 100, in case you were wondering. 

Picture courtesy – Maximys

Sony Ericsson finally delivers the goodies

7 Jan

After six tantalizing hours, Sony Ericsson announced the three phones that we had written about last night. We were bang on target with the predictions and thanks to guys like Maximys, Pop Lover and Beta-Tester at Esato, we were able to post the official pictures of the phones before their announcement. For those of you who’d like to read the official versions, hit the links forZ555i, W760i and W350i.

Sony Ericsson wrap-up: The specifications

7 Jan

Well, now that you have seen the pictures, let us introduce the handhelds to you. Just for the record, the official announcement is scheduled for 7:30 AM (IST), which is over four hours from now.

Sony Ericsson W760i

Quadband GSM, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA
2.4 inch screen with 262,144 colours and 240 x 320 pixel resolution
32. megapixel camera with flash
FM radio
26 MB internal memory, with M2 card slot
I GB M2 card with Need For Speed pre-loaded
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP

Sony Ericsson Z550i

Triband GSM, GPRS and EDGE
1.9 inch TFT with 262,144 colours and 176 x 220 pixel resolution
1.3 megapixel camera with flash
19 MB internal memory with M2 card slot
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
FM radio

Sony Ericsson W350i

Triband GSM, GPRS and EDGE
Display: 65,536 colours with 176 x 220 pixel resolution
1.3 megapixel camera
26 MB internal memory with M2 card slot
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
FM radio
11 mm thin and weighs 80 gram

And now some Sony Ericsson accessories!

7 Jan

It’s all happening guys. Sony Ericsson’s flood gates are now open and pictures of unannounced goodies have spread all over the cyberspace. After the three upcoming handsets, Beta-Tester at Esato has posted this picture of an interesting Sony Ericsson accessory. It indeed looks pretty, which has got us confused whether it is really meant for playing music?

Sony Ericsson CES line-up confirmed, photographed

7 Jan

Oh snap! Sony Ericsson needs to plug a big hole in their ship. Barely a couple of hours after we revealed the phones for CES, details about these products have started flowing in from all over the world. This time it’s from Pop Lover of Jordan, who has scoured the official pictures of the yet-to-be-announced phones. Along with the Z555i and the W760i, we have the W350, which is believed to have an active flip cover. Jeez, we can’t wait for the official announcement. Does anyone have a clue at what time is it scheduled for today?

Sony Ericsson W760i gets speculative details

7 Jan

The Sony Ericsson W760i that we revealed a couple of hours ago gets a few speculative details. The phone, which is scheduled to be announced in a few hours from now, has a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, shake control and stereo speakers. The slider is expected to be available in three colours – red, black and silver. 

Considering that the phone has GPS, a big screen is very much on the cards. The phone is said to have borrowed its genes from the W580i and the W910i when we talk about its looks. Thanks to Maximys at Esato for providing the details.

Exclusive: Sony Ericsson's CES line-up!

6 Jan

On the eve of CES in Las Vegas, Sony Ericsson is expected to announce at least two new handsets or so our trusted source has revealed. The first phone is the Z555i, a basic clamshell phone without many frills. This will be accompanied by a slider Walkman phone with dual speakers that might carry the name W760i. There are chances of another Walkman or a phone in the Emotional Design (probably T-series) segment. Well, we’ll know for sure in a few hours from now, so watch this space for more. And of course, you read it first on Cellpassion!