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So what's new in BlackBerry 6.0?

27 Jul

BlackBerry 6 UIBlackBerry’s most critical OS update – OS 6.0 – is still some time away but Research In Motion (RIM) is leaving no stones unturned to make users familiar with the upcoming UI changes. After showing some sneak preview videos, Inside BlackBerry – the official BlackBerry blog – today released some screenshots to depict what’s new in the homescreen UI in BlackBerry 6.0. From things like how to manage your frequently used and favourite homescreens to the Android inspired notification bar. So what are you waiting for? Check out the post and see for yourself.

RIM teases BlackBerry Protect service to protect your (well) BlackBerry

14 Jul

BlackBerry Protect appResearch In Motion, the makers of BlackBerry smartphones, have shown a new security application that it will release soon. The app, called BlackBerry Protect, can enable users to find their handset, take backup of everything on it, remotely lock and even wipe it in case it gets lost. The app seems to be exactly similar to what WaveSecure currently offers for BlackBerry and other smartphones.

Users will be able to log on to the BlackBerry Protect portal from a PC and view the current location of their phone on a map, make it ring to find where it is (in case misplaced in a room), lock it so that no one can misuse it and wipe it in case it gets lost. The app keeps taking backup of the phone at a pre-determined frequency and the backup can be restored on to another BlackBerry. Well, RIM is not the only one offering this feature. Apple does it with its MobileMe service but it costs $99 a year, and Microsoft will offer it with its new Windows Phone 7 devices.

via Inside BlackBerry