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BlackBerry PlayBook has a module cavity, BlackBerry to get NFC chips

17 Nov

RIM’s Co-CEO Jim Basillie, who is currently speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit right now has just let it slip that the PlayBook has a module cavity in it. He won’t say what the module will be for but it could be for anything. Considering that what little we know about the PlayBook that it does not have any cellular connectivity, we would bet our chips on a 4G data modem of some sort. Any guesses?

Basillie was just short of announcing that future BlackBerry handhelds would have an NFC chip in it for mobile payments. When asked about NFC, considering Google’s Eric Schmidt demoed the tech in the upcoming Nexus phone yesterday, he first said that he won’t talk about future products. But quickly followed it up with this statement – “We will be fools not to have it in our future products. And we are not fools.”

Video: BlackBerry shows off PlayBook's multi-tasking capabilities

26 Oct

RIM co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis showed off the BlackBerry PlayBook and its multi-tasking capabilities for the first time. The demo took place at Adobe’s MAX event. We would leave it up to the video to do all the talking and showing.


SOURCE: Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog