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RIM trademarks BlackBerry Drive

14 Jul

BlackBerry LogoResearch In Motion, the company that manufactures BlackBerry smartphones, has recently trademarked the phrase “BlackBerry Drive” with the Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union. The name suggests either a navigation solution for BlackBerry or even some integration with cars. Or could it be a new line of smartphones like Bold, Pearl and Storm?

We are more inclined to believe that BlackBerry Drive has something to do with RIM’s acquisition of QNX in April, a company that develops open OS that is used in many in-car audio and entertainment systems. This is what Mike Lazaridis, president and co-CEO of RIM was quoted in the press release announcing the acquisition:

“In addition to our interests in expanding the opportunities for QNX in the automotive sector and other markets, we believe the planned acquisition of QNX will also bring other value to RIM in terms of supporting certain unannounced product plans for intelligent peripherals, adding valuable intellectual property to RIM’s portfolio and providing long-term synergies for the companies based on the significant and complementary OS expertise that exists within the RIM and QNX teams today.”

We have a hunch that BlackBerry Drive is most likely to be an intelligent accessory for your car. What do you think?