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Updated BlackBerry App World to tie apps to users and not phones

31 Jul

Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerry handhelds, will release an update for its application store called App World that will provide users with a BlackBerry ID to enable them to retain their downloaded apps (both free and paid) when they shift to another BlackBerry smartphone.

The update, currently in beta and available to users in USA and Canada from http://www.blackberry.com/beta, will also enable users to pay for apps using their Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Till now, PayPal was the only option to pay for apps. RIM is also working with carriers to integrate app purchase payments with the user’s monthly subscription bill.

The update will also streamline app discovery by showing the top and new apps across categories. Users will also be able to download apps by clicking pictures of QR codes that will be translated into links to the app on App World.

RIM’s App World is currently available in more than 65 countries and has been downloaded by over 30 million users. On an average, a million apps are downloaded from App World everyday.