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Rumour: Asus Galaxy to take on Samsung Omnia

15 Sep

Looks like Asus is planning to take on Samsung’s Omina head on. The phone above is what Asus calls the Galaxy and is apparently headed to O2 in Europe as the XDA II Zest. And if true, the spec sheet should resemble something like this:

Tri-band HSUPA (900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
3.5 inch WVGA display (800×480 pixels)
Windows Mobile 6.1
5 MP camera
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and AGPS connectiity
4 GB flash memory, microSD card slot
Dimensions: 11.5x59x13.8 mm
Trackball, accelerometer

The specs do look fine but we ain’t sure whether Asus’ Glide UI is good enough to take on the Omnia’s uber-cool drag-and-drop-enabled Widgets homescreen.


The new hues of the Asus P320

28 Jul

Asus today announced the availability of two new colours of its P320 Windows Mobile PDA phone. The sub-Rs 13,000 handheld offers an inbuilt GPS receiver, Wi-Fi connectivity and the works. Sounds good, but we are a bit concerned about the TI OMAP 850 processor that has been clocked at just 500 Mhz.

Asus to turn on the style?

28 Jul

Asus has of late been stirring the cellphone cauldron with many models. However, the company is assocoated with products that tend to be functional rather than flashy – good, solid enterprise devices that will get the job done, but which seem just as comfortable within one’s pocket than without.

That might be about to change. According to our (rather senior) sources in Asus, the company is working hard to come out with what it promises will be a “fashionable cellphone” that people would love to flaunt. Details are predictably sketchy at the moment, but going by what we have heard, the device will be a totally touchscreen affair and will runWindows Mobile 6.1. There will be a 3.2 megapixel camera for shutterbugs and GPS for wannabe Columbuses and da Gamas. 

But what caught our attention the most is the news that the device will feature an all-new (yes, yes, “revolutionary”) 
interface – a significant upgrade of the Asus Today skin seen on the P320. The idea is to give users direct access to a number of functions on the home screen itself, saving them the pain of pottering around Windows Mobile’s menus. Of course, our source denied that this represented an attempt to imitate a product by a certain Cupertino company!

We will find out when it hits the market in either late September or early October this year. No news of the price, but knowing Asus, we will wager our last dollar that even if the company fails to deliver on the style front, it sure will serve up value for money.

Asus launches affordable WiMo PDA phone

25 Jun

Asus has launched the P320 – a Windows Mobile PDA phone priced at Rs 12,900 in the Indian market. Running on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system, the tiny device packs in a GPS receiver, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 2.0 MP camera. It is powered by a 200 Mhz TI OMAP 850 processor and has 128 MB of ROM and 64 MB RAM. Nothing mind-blowing over here but you can’t expect anything better at this proce point, can you?

Asus Lamborghini ZX1 launched in India

12 May

After launching its range of Lamborghini branded laptops, Asus has introduced its first Lamborghini branded PDA phone, the ZX1 in India. Priced at Rs 47,777, the ZX1 is a Windows Mobile PDA phone with a customised UI and high-end features like:

Tri-band HSDPA
Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
TI OMAP 2431 450 MHz processor
256 MB Flash ROM, 128 MB RAM
microSD/SDHC card slot

Asus ties up with SatNav for GPS solution

19 Mar

Asus has announced a tie-up with SatNav for providing maps of Indian cities on its GPS-enabled PDA phones. SatNav will provide maps for more than 30 Indian cities with turn-by-turn directions with voice instructions. Currently, Asus has two GPS-enabled PDA phones – the P750 and P527 – that will employ SatNav’s solution.

GPS-enabled phones are fast gaining momentum in the Indian market. Nokia, which had acquired Navteq last year, has four GPS-enabled phones with map software available in India. Similarly, Sony Ericsson had tied up with Wayfinder to enable its P1i smartphone to function as a GPS unit with the help of an external GPS receiver. HTC, a Windows Mobile device manufacturer, also has two GPS-enabled products – the P3300 and Tytn II. The Taiwan-based company uses maps from Map King. 

On the carrier front, Bhati Airtel offers navigation services on some of its GPS-enabled BlackBerry devices. The carrier has roped in CE Infosystems, a Delhi-based company to provide the solution.

Asus P750 washes up on Indian shores

16 Jan

Asus has been on a roll with a number of PDA phone launches in India, the latest being the P750. On paper, the P750 comes with HSDPA, inbuilt GPS receiver, Wi-Fi and a 3 megapixel auto focus camera. It runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 professional and has a Marvell PXA270 processor clocked at 520 Mhz at its core. What’s interesting to note, however, is the customisation that has gone into the UI with interesting apps like Ur Time, Meeting Time Planner and Newstation on the home screen.

The ‘Ur Time’ application shows time in different cities of the world and syncs with the Meeting Time Planner that eliminates the need to manually convert schedules for different cities. Also onboard are a number of GPS enabled features but we are yet to confirm whether the product comes with maps for India. It is available in the market for Rs 28,900.

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