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Ex-MeeGo boss joins Palm's webOS effort

16 Oct

Barely a week after Nokia announced the departure of Ari Jaaksi, the head of its MeeGo smartphone division, HP has announced his appointment as the senior vice president of Palm’s webOS operating system. HP had acquired Palm earlier this year and is expected to announce new smartphones and Internet Tablets running on webOS early next year. This would be a big blow for Nokia, which expects MeeGo to run on a gamut of gadgets including smartphones and Internet Tablets, among others.

MeeGo was announced earlier this year at MWC and was formed by combining Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin operating systems. The first devices running MeeGo are expected to be available next year, while Nokia is expected to port it to its N900 Internet Tablet, which runs Maemo, later this year.

It is unlikely for webOS to dominate the smartphone space where iOS and Android are the buzz words. Apple already is at least a year ahead of its competition while Android has the clout of numerous smartphones from a variety of manufacturers at all price segments. However, webOS and Windows Phone 7 together could potentially challenge Nokia’s devices running on Symbian and eventually MeeGo platforms. Currently, Nokia is banking on its superior hardware quality (the N8 being a prime example) even as it struggles to get a grip on the operating system and user interface fronts.

With Jaaksi joining a rival camp, things can only get difficult for the world’s largest handset vendor.

SOURCE: Reuters