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Goal! Pro Evo Soccer arrives in the App Store

13 Jun

It has taken its time coming, but Konami’s legendary Pro Evolution Soccer football game is finally in the Apple App Store, just days after the Football World Cup got underway (coincidence, eh?). The iPhone is the latest platform to host the football game rivalry between Konami and EA which has reached epic proportions on other platforms, with Pro Evo (as it is called) taking on EA’s FIFA football series. The coming days will reveal how the titles face off against each other on the Godphone, with the likes of Real Football and X2 Football doing much more than making up footy game numbers in the App Store.
Priced at a rather expensive £5.99 (we expect it to be $9.99 when it hits the Indian app store), the iPhone avatar of Pro Evolution Soccer (called Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, or simply PES 2010) will allow mobile gamers to play as a club or a nation in the Europa League or UEFA Champions League. There are plenty of official club lincences around and Konami has made the usual game developer noises about amazing graphics and AI and the like, but what really has caught our attention is a mainly accelerometer mode of the game, where you tilt the phone to move the ball and player and tap the screen for different actions. We are intrigued. Watch this space for a review in the coming days.

World Cup App Countdown: AP 2010 World Cup Coverage

8 Jun

With the biggest sport spectacle in the world less than five days away, we have decided to start an app countdown to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The coming days will see us coming up with a FIFA World Cup related app every day right until the tournament gets underway. We start off with the most newsy of the lot – Associated Press’ 2010 World Cup Coverage app for Symbian Series 60 devices and the iPhone. And it is free too – always a good thing in these inflationary times!

As can be expected, the app is extremely news-oriented, allowing you to choose your team and get the latest news and photographs on it, or simply embrace the world and get all the news about everybody. AP promises live updates once the matches get underway too. Mind you, we were very miffed to see that there were no squad lists on the app yet, even though official squad lists had been announced a few days ago. Also, while the app does score heavily on the news front, it does suffer a tad on the features front – so if you are used to the spice-laden comments of the Guardian, prepare yourself for relatively bland fare here.

Still, if news and updates are all ye seek, this is a worthy app. It loads fast and while it does pull a lot of its information from the Internet (could they have not at least preloaded the squads – sigh!), it does so at a decent rate, although the Symbian version did stutter and give us errors about Flash not loading – needless to say, the iPhone avatar did not. But ah, let’s not get into that.

Look out for the next World Cup app tomorrow as we count down to the World Cup, the app way.

Aye, there's a new iPhone in town

7 Jun

For once, all the speculation about what Steve Jobs would reveal at the WWDC was spot on. After some remarks about the iPad, some jibes at Google (“A friend of mine wrote this, and he sent me an email and he said I could use it. I earned more in the first day of selling Elements than I did in the past 5 years of Google ads on periodictable.com.”) and demos of a few games, the Cupertino Czar gave the tech world a glimpse of what it had been waiting for – iPhone 4. And this is the first one that marks a really radical departure from the original godphone in looks and design, unless you are talking of the one the folks at Gizmodo dug up. Jobs called it the “most precise thing and most beautiful thing we’ve ever made” and frankly it did look an eyeful, although some might miss the more rounded feel of the previous iPhones.

Although Jobs hailed it as the slimmest smartphone in town at a mere 9.3mm thick with a metallic band that (surpirse!) doubled up as an antenna, what really grabbed eyeballs was the 3.5 inch “retina screen” (jargon alert!) with an amazing density of 326 pixels per inch and a resolution of 960×640, which gave looking at pictures, videos and even text a whole new dimension – in simple terms, this baby has 78% of the pixel count of the much bigger-screened iPad. As if that were not enough, the demand for the front facing camera was met too, the processor under the hood was an A4 with 1 Ghz clockspeed, a gyroscope was added to the playing mix, the battery was beefed up, and to round things off, the megapixel count of the back camera was ratcheted up to 5MP, with HD video recording thrown into the mix to make this one multimedia monster.

But of course, hardware is only part of the charm of what has become known all over the world as the Godphone and sure enough, Stevie J was pulling rabbits out of the hat, highlighting the multi-tasking ability of the device, welcoming apps like iBook (with PDF support) and iMovie (which we frankly think is the most devastating video editing app ever seen on a handset, if videos are anything to go by) to the iPhone, highlighting the potential of iAds (evidently $60 million has been committed for the second half of the year from iAds advertisers), and even making some Apple faithful wince by rechristening the Apple OS as iOS 4. We should have expected it from a company that has a fixation with the word “i” when it comes to products – iPod, iPhone, iLife, iMac, iPad, iTunes,…igiveup!

There was even a “one more thing” moment – only it ended up with Steve talking to design wiz Jonathan Ive on Apple’s video calling app, FaceTime, which worked just dandy without requiring ANY set-up of any sort, but also works only if both users are using iPhone 4s and are on Wi-Fi – steep requirements for some.

At the end, it was time for the price – and this time, we got it right. The iPhone 4 would come in two colours, black and white, and would carry price tags of $199 for 32GB 16 GB and $299 for 64GB 32 GB. It would start shipping to five countries on June 24 – USA, France, Germany, UK and Japan – and would be available in 88 countries (including India, we hope) come September. In the meantime, users of the iPhone 3G and 3GS as well as iPod touch can upgrade to iOS 4.0 for no cost at all (yes, even for iPod touch owners) on June 21.

When the dust had finally settled, we were left pondering about the new iPhone and while our opinions will riddle the pages of this web site for many days to come, our initial feel was that while there was no real “killer app” (to use Jobspeak) on the iPhone 4, it certainly was the first of the Godphone range that can hold its own in the tech spec department against most of the competition in smartphone town. Combine that with its staggering array of apps (more than five billion downloads already) and you will understand why we are having second thoughts about our decision to buy iPads. Come September…and come fast, please.

Original Prince of Persia in App Store, for just $0.99

7 Jun

We have lost count of the number of Prince of Persia titles that have been released on various platforms over the past few years. Heck, there’s now even a silver screen avatar of the leaping, running and sword-waving royal resident of Persia. But for many gamers, the REAL Prince of Persia has always been the 2D platformer that Jordan Mechner developed for the Apple II way back in 1989 (yep, it was THAT long ago). Well, that very game is now back with a bang – in all its 2D platformy, leaping and bounding glory – on the Apple App Store, thanks to the folks at Ubisoft.

You once again get to play the Prince and fight your way through dungeons and guards and all sorts of booby traps to save your beloved princess from the clutches of the wicked Vizier Jaffar – all within an hour. The game is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And at just $.099 is a bargain. Play it, and discover that you do not need 3D, cutting edge graphics or fancy sound effects to enjoy a game.

Tweetie returns as official Twitter app for iPhone

21 May

All those who have been using their Godphones for Tweeting away merrily have got good reason to cheer – a few weeks after Android got an official Twitter app, it is now the turn of the iPhone to get one. What’s more, it is in fact a rejigged version of one of the best Twitter apps on the app store, Tweetie. Twitter had grabbed the app (along with head developer Loren Brichter) some time ago and now has brought out a rejigged version of the app, only with the Twitter brandname stamped firmly on it.

There is lots of Twitter goodness on offer.  Apart from the good old basics of posting your tweets and following those of others, you can check out trends, the most popular tweets at the moment and who is tweeting in the vicinity, the last three without even logging in. Another feature we like is the fact that you can sign up for an account directly from the app without having to go to the website at all!

But we saved the best for last, Tweetie…errr…Twitter is FREE, unlike Tweetie which set us back by USD 2.99. Worth a download, folks, say we. It certainly is working very well indeed on our 3GS, bless it.

O2 wants you to develop an iPhone app

23 Apr

One of the world’s largest carriers wants to develop an iPhone app and it is asking you to develop one! That’s right folks, O2 UK is looking for developers who can develop an iPhone app for them that features the ducks from the carrier’s top-up surprises campaign. The campaign involves users getting surprise gifts when they top-up their prepaid accounts. If you are an iPhone developer or aspire to be one, check here for contest details.

New Fast and Furious game racing to App Store on Thursday

20 Apr

Fast and Furious Adrenaline
There’s good news for mobile racing game lovers. After Fast and Furious The Game, and Fast and Furious Pink Slip, the App Store is set to welcome a third game in the series, Fast and Furious Adrenaline, come Thursday. The release in our inboxes talks of 35 cars, more than five “iconic” locations, 12 tracks, five race types, brand new night tracks, and (the part we like best) the option of uploading your racing videos to Facebook using the Facebook Video upload facility. There is also mention of a Turf War mode, where player is asked to join a crew, and then conquer territories by winning races as well as defending existing turf when challenged.

All of which sounds like vintage Fast and Furious. And while the release does not mention it, we are sure that the game will be backed up by some terrific music, in best F&F tradition. Quite remarkably, there is no mention of the graphics either (normally the best place for the agencies to throw in adjectives like “jaw-dropping,” “earth-shaking,” and the like) but the screen grabs we have seen look VERY promising. We have no idea of the price but heck, we reckon, it will be worth it for those with a need for speed. Pun intended.