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HTC Hero finally getting updated to Android 2.1 in India

30 Jun

Months after it was first promised, HTC is finally rolling out the Android 2.1 update for the Hero in India. HTC Hero users will get a prompt on their phones to download and install an firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) update. The approximately 6 MB download is just the first package that updates the YouTube Player as well as the FOTA client residing on the phone. This update is necessary for the next package which will update the firmware to Android 2.1. We received our first update package yesterday and are now eagerly waiting for the final package for Android 2.1. For the record, this is likely to be the only updates the Hero will get as HTC would be providing Android 2.2 updates only for smartphones launched in 2010. Well, in our case, this Android 2.1 update will ensure that our Hero sticks around for another couple of months or so before it we pass it on to someone more needy than us.