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Samsung discontinues Galaxy S in India to make way for Nexus S?

28 Dec

One of the most popular Android smartphones in India, the Samsung Galaxy S, has been discontinued according to multiple dealers. We checked in Delhi and multiple dealers claim that the phone is out of stock and Samsung has discontinued the product. We have been able to confirm through secondary sources that a similar situation exists in Bangalore.

It sounds unreal as the Galaxy S is Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone and has been quite popular with consumers. Even the dealers we spoke to sounded frustrated as they still get customers asking for the Galaxy S. Meanwhile, Samsung claims that it has already shipped over 9.3 million units of the smartphone globally, marginally short of its target of doing 10 million units by the end of 2010. (Who knows, it might be able to achieve it thanks to the Holiday shopping spree across Europe and the US.)

Coming back to the Galaxy S story in India, could it be that Samsung is now preparing to launch the Nexus S in India? We know for sure that Samsung has plans to launch the Nexus S in India but not even in our wildest dreams did we imagine that it could be this early.

Before some of our “admirers” jump the gun and call this story fake, we are not making any claims when Samsung would launch the Nexus S over here. We are just trying to put things into perspective and giving a likely possible scenario.

Our hat tip to our good ol’ friend Tushar for sharing the situation in Bangalore. Don’t forget to share with us in the comments if your friendly neighbourhood cellphone retailer is also claiming that the Galaxy S has been discontinued.

Google to launch Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb in March?

23 Dec

Taiwan-based news portal, Digitimes, is reporting that the next version of Android, codenamed Honeycomb, will be launched as early as March 2011. These pearls of wisdom were hidden in a feature that talks about Internet Tablets some Taiwanese brands will showcase at CES, which begins on January 6 in Las Vegas. An excerpt from the post:

On the other hand, MSI is set to display its 10-inch Wintel-based tablet PC as well as engineering samples of its ARM-based Google Android model. MSI is also prepared to sell an Nvidia Tegra 2-based model in April or May after Google releases Android 3.0 in March.

While Digitimes seems to have great sources in the form of OEM insiders, the portal has a history of getting it wrong (mostly). However, considering that Google’s Andy Rubin (the father of Android) has already showcased a Motorola prototype tablet running Honeycomb, we are willing to believe that Digitimes has got it bang on target this time.

If Honeycomb-running Tablets do hit shelves in April or May, we believe it would be a big task for Android to make a lasting impression considering that Apple’s second generation of the iPad would already be available. But stranger things have happened in the past, like when Android smartphones overtook the iPhone in global shipment numbers this year. Will history repeat itself in 2011 with Internet Tablets?

SOURCE: Digitimes IMAGE COURTESY: Virgin Media

Does the Samsung Nexus S have a concave display?

17 Nov

Something new about the Samsung Nexus S is being revealed with every passing day. Yesterday it was the presence of an NFC chip and today rumours have it that the Nexus S has a concave display. Yup, Engadget is claiming that the Nexus S is curved and is thinner in the middle than the top and bottom edges. Apparently, this design provides a better experience (or perceived to provide) than the normal flat displays that we are used to. Samsung has reportedly been showing off this design to carriers in the US for almost a year now but could not deliver the goods when Sprint bit the bait. Probably, Samsung showed the same to Google, which led it to become the flagship Gingerbread device. Sounds like a believable story but we would like to see it on the device itself.

SOURCE: Engadget

Rumor: Motorola to launch Internet Tablet this month

12 Nov

imageFollowing up on our earlier post about Motorola’s plans to launch the Milestone X in India, we have been hit with some more information. It is not the Milestone X but something even bigger and is in fact a global announcement. Again this is unconfirmed, but it seems that Motorola will announce an Internet Tablet with a 10-inch display this month. The timing sounds just about right with Google’s Gingerbread announcement any day now. Could it be that it ain’t the Nexus S alone and there is a Moto tablet waiting to share the limelight? We certainly think so.

Is this the Google Nexus 2 aka Samsung Nexus S?

12 Nov

There have been rumors about another Google Nexus Android smartphone and this time it would probably involve Samsung. Well, the eagle eyes at Engadget have spotted a picture of what could be the Nexus 2 or what could eventually be called the Nexus S (Nexus One+Galaxy S, geddit?).

The screenshot on the device does indicate it could be running Gingerbread or Android 2.3 and there certainly is a video calling camera. If this indeed is the next Nexus, we would be betting our chips on a November announcement, just in time before the Christmas shopping season begins.

While we wait for the announcement, how about guessing what would be the specs on this beast? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Engadget

Unconfirmed: Moto to launch Milestone X aka Motoroi X aka Droid X in India

11 Nov

Motorola-Motoroi-X Mark this one as unconfirmed but we are hearing from multiple sources that Motorola might be prepping to launch the Droid X in India. Of course, it won’t get get launched as the Droid X (that’s Verizon branding) and might get the Milestone X brand in India. The launch might be slated for later this month and hit shelves towards the end of November. (We’ve been tipped about November 24 or 25 as D Day.)

The Milestone X/Droid X/Motoroi X has a 4.3-inch display, runs on Android 2.2 and has an 8.0 MP camera with 720p video recording. It has 8 GB of internal memory and a 1 GHz processor.

Mind you, we have not been able to confirm the launch yet. Expect a confirmation coming your way pretty soon.

Tata and Reliance in talks with Apple to offer CDMA iPhone: WSJ

14 Oct

Apple is in talks with Tata Indicom and RCom to offer the CDMA iPhone in India, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The report goes on to mention that Tata has been talking to Apple for four to five months. The news come amid reports that Apple will launch a CDMA iPhone with Verizon Wireless in the US, marking the end of AT&T’s exclusivity contract that began in 2007 when the first iPhone was launched.

Even if the CDMA iPhone is launched in India, it is very unlikely to sell in any significant numbers. Both Tata Indicom and RCom have been unsuccessful in selling high-end smartphones. Considering that a CDMA version of the iPhone will be more expensive than its GSM variant and carriers do not offer subsidies on phones in India, the CDMA iPhone will find even fewer customers than the GSM version. Even today, the grey market for iPhone has sold more numbers than Airtel and Vodafone, the two carriers that have the rights to sell the smartphone in India.

Another hurdle for the two CDMA carriers would be the absence of high value subscribers on their networks. When RCom launched its CDMA services in India, it was portrayed as a ‘poor man’s’ network with cheap tariffs (their punchline – now calling is cheaper than sending a post card). Some might argue that mobile number portability, which is set to kick in at the end of October, might help but still the high price of the CDMA iPhone will be a major deterrent.


After Antennagate, is Glassgate next for iPhone 4?

8 Oct

The iPhone 4 seems to be jinxed for Apple. After fielding issues related to its ‘revolutionary’ antenna, it now seems that a few specs of dust might be able to crack the rear glass panel of the phone. GDGT reports that this can happen to users who ‘protect’ their iPhone 4 with a slip-on case. Now the thing about a slip-on case is it shields not only the side of the phone (the culprit behind the ‘grip of death’) but it also protects the back. But as we all have experienced, some tiny particulates do find their way inside and get sandwiched between the rear panel of the phone and the internal lining of the case.

GDGT reports that internally, Apple engineers have learnt that these particulates can scratch the iPhone 4’s rear glass panel, which eventually develop into full-blown cracks! While we have not seen this happen to any iPhone 4 but if it does, Apple will have to bend over backwards and appease agitated customers. I won’t blame them, considering they have spent a fortune buying the iPhone 4 (don’t forget the hours spent waiting in a queue or the days spent waiting out of the window waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive).

I’m not sure how Apple would wriggle out of this one but what I’m sure about is that next year’s iPhone will look a lot different than the iPhone 4.


Nokia N8 launching on September 20?

17 Aug

Many of our readers are looking forward to Nokia’s N8 smartphone for its 12.0 MP camera and new UI. Nokia has not announced the launch date for the phone that would decide the future of Symbian, but we have known for a long time that it will be sometime in September. Now, UK’s online retailer, Expansys, has come up with a date – September 20. We have a feeling that the India launch of the N8 should be before that, but at least we know it won’t be later than September 20!

We will keep our eyes peeled for more clues and official info about the N8 launch in India.

Sony Ericsson's PlayStation phone plans get detailed

12 Aug

Sony Ericsson PSP Android phoneEngadget is claiming to have been briefed by one of its sources about Sony Ericsson developing a gaming Android smartphone that might get the PlayStation branding – something that gamers worldwide have been begging for. The PS Phone will run on Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread and will have a 3.7-4.1-inch touchscreen and a slide-out gaming pad. Rather than having a joystick, the device will have a big touchpad. Probably, with this phone, Android will finally see some rich games and gaming experience. You can check out more details of this phone by heading over to Engadget.

We have all reasons to believe that Google would be closely involved in this project. In our opinion, Google will not showcase Android 3.1 aka Gingerbread on the Nexus One. Instead it will demonstrate it on a variety of devices, which would include this gaming phone from Sony Ericsson and an Internet Tablet from Motorola.

SOURCE: Engadget