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Why we need tablets in different sizes? One size does not fit all.

2 Feb

Almost two years ago, Apple launched the Ipad which has sold more than 55 million units. I have bought both the versions of the iPad and have been generally pleased. The one beef that I have with the iPad is that it is a cumbersome e-reader aka book. I find the original iPad and the iPad 2 heavy and awkward reading devices.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Amazon Kindle Fire and the smaller version of the Motorola Xyboard, the iPad is 25% heavier. Moreover, the devices with seven inch screens feel more like a book than the iPad. I found my reading experience on these smaller devices a lot more desirable than the iPad. These 7″ tablets are similar to the form factor of most books.

Steve Jobs maintained that the screen size of the iPad was optimal and would provide customers the best experience. However, like it does in iPod’s,  I believe that Apple should offer the Ipad in a smaller versions – at least one smaller iPad. Here are the benefits to Apple:

  • Access to a different and a potentially larger  market segment
  • Lower cost product should increase sales further
  • Complete product portfolio in the tablet category
If Apple prices an iPad mini in the range of $199-$249, I can see Apple sell at least sell 20 million units annually in addition to the iPad and increasing its revenue y $4-$5 billion annually.


Apple finally launches the iPad in India

28 Jan

Nine months after it was first launched in the US, Apple’s iPad has finally made its way into India. Apple’s India Store is now showing the iPad, which starts from Rs 27,900 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only version and goes up to Rs 44,900 for the 64 GB 3G+Wi-Fi version. State-owned carrier, BSNL, has announced special iPad 3G plans for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers that offers unlimited data usage for Rs 999.

Apple iPad pricing

Wi-Fi only – 16 GB Rs 27,900; 32 GB Rs 32,900; 64 GB Rs 37,900

Wi-Fi+3G – 16 GB Rs 34,900; 32 Gb Rs 39,900; 64 GB Rs 44,900

iPad accessories

  • Keyboard dock: Rs 3,700
  • Case: Rs 2,500 (the home page suggests Rs 2,500 but the product page suggests Rs 2,600)
  • iPad dock: Rs 1,600
  • Camera connection kit: Rs 1,700
  • 10W USB power adapter: Rs 1,900
  • Dock connector to VGA adapter: Rs 1,700

SOURCE: Apple Store (India)

Dell Streak 7 headed for CES launch as ad storyboard leaks

24 Dec

The Dell Streak with its 5.0-inch display might come across as a confused gadget (Is it a smartphone or an Internet Tablet? Answer: Probably neither.) but there is no mistaking the upcoming Streak 7. While it was known for sometime now that Dell will launch a 7.0-inch tablet, but now we have the entire storyboard of its (proposed?) ad campaign. While there is not much to gather from the storyboard apart from the fact that it will feature a graphics card (really? a card?) and a fast processor. We expect the Streak 7 to make its debut at the upcoming CES show in January. Now comes the big question – will it be good enough to take on this year’s Galaxy Tab and next year’s Motopad?

SOURCE: Engadget

LG's Internet Tablet coming in May 2011, to run Android 3.0

20 Nov

At yesterday’s LG Optimus One launch press conference, I asked LG about its Internet Tablet plans. Expecting a ‘no comment’ reply, I was taken aback when they did not shy away from sharing some details. They are certainly working on one and expect it to be launched in May (it is not clear whether that’s the global or India launch time frame). The Tablet will run on Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb.

The company also plans to launch as many as 10 smartphones in the Optimus range priced between Rs 8,000-Rs 35,000 in the next six months. Of these 10, only two would be running Windows Phone 7 and the rest would run on Android. The first LG Windows Phone 7 smartphone, the Optimus 7, will be launched in India in February next year at a price range of Rs 25,000-Rs 30,000.

When asked about LG’s multimedia phone plans, Vishal Chopra, LG’s business group head (mobile communications) said that they would not have any feature phone priced above Rs 15,000.

BlackBerry PlayBook has a module cavity, BlackBerry to get NFC chips

17 Nov

RIM’s Co-CEO Jim Basillie, who is currently speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit right now has just let it slip that the PlayBook has a module cavity in it. He won’t say what the module will be for but it could be for anything. Considering that what little we know about the PlayBook that it does not have any cellular connectivity, we would bet our chips on a 4G data modem of some sort. Any guesses?

Basillie was just short of announcing that future BlackBerry handhelds would have an NFC chip in it for mobile payments. When asked about NFC, considering Google’s Eric Schmidt demoed the tech in the upcoming Nexus phone yesterday, he first said that he won’t talk about future products. But quickly followed it up with this statement – “We will be fools not to have it in our future products. And we are not fools.”

Rumor: Motorola to launch Internet Tablet this month

12 Nov

imageFollowing up on our earlier post about Motorola’s plans to launch the Milestone X in India, we have been hit with some more information. It is not the Milestone X but something even bigger and is in fact a global announcement. Again this is unconfirmed, but it seems that Motorola will announce an Internet Tablet with a 10-inch display this month. The timing sounds just about right with Google’s Gingerbread announcement any day now. Could it be that it ain’t the Nexus S alone and there is a Moto tablet waiting to share the limelight? We certainly think so.

The OlivePad arrives on shelves with Android 2.2 in tow

4 Nov


Olive Telecom has finally launched the OlivePad, which it had announced July this year as India’s first Android Internet Tablet. The delay has not cost Olive Telecom much as it is still the first Android Internet Tablet to be available in India.


Between July and now, the Olivepad has been bumped from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 and with it a bump of Rs 1,000. Announced for Rs 24,990, the OlivePad will now cost Rs 25,990.


On the features front, the OlivePad has a 800×480 pixel 7.0-inch display, a 600 MHz processor on a Qualcomm MSM 7227 chipset and 512 MB of RAM. The sales pack comes with a 16 GB microSD card. It is also HSDPA enabled and has a 3.0 MP rear camera and a VGA front camera for video calls.


The OlivePad comes pre-loaded with MapmyIndia’s navigation app as well as six months of Zenga TV – a mobile TV app.


The OlivePad is now available at Croma stores across India.

Samsung Galaxy Tab launched in India (compared in pictures with OlivePad)

30 Oct

As expected, Samsung today launched the Galaxy Tab in India. Priced at Rs 38,000, it is currently available for pre-order at select retail stores and will be available to buy from November 10. While we are still awaiting to get hold of a review unit, you can check our first impressions about the Galaxy Tab here or simply hit the break below for some live pictures as well as a visual comparison with the OlivePad, which is expected to be available within a fortnight.









Barnes & Nobles launches NOOKcolour, a flawed Android e-book reader of sorts

27 Oct


Barnes & Nobles has announced its latest e-book reader, which it calls the NOOKcolor. Priced at $249, it features a 7.0-inch touchscreen (1024×600 pixels) and runs on Android OS with a custom UI. The NOOKcolor is Wi-Fi only and has 8 GB of internal storage, which can be increased by another 32 GB with a microSD card. While it runs on Android, B&N has decided to make it a closed ecosystem and it does not come with any of the Google goodies (not even Android Market) and the bookseller would like to have its own application store instead.


Where the NOOKcolor scores over the plain-old NOOK (and probably even the Kindle) are certainly the colour display and a better browsing experience. It will come with a MS Office suite as well as a media player. However, where it seriously lacks is its battery performance – 8 hours of reading with the wireless turned off.


So here’s the deal, the NOOKcolor won’t give you the complete Internet Tablet experience (remember, no third party apps from the wild, only those that B&N let’s in) and it won’t give you the battery life one has come to expect from e-book readers thanks to their e-ink displays. So if a colour display is so crucial, I might just drop another $200 and get a proper Internet Tablet like the iPad (16 Gb Wi-Fi only) and install the NOOK app on it. And if having a longer lasting battery is more important than a colour display, i would rather save money and pick up the ol’ school NOOK or Kindle instead.


Without having even seen the NOOKcolor, my gut feeling says that it is neither a proper e-book reader nor an Internet Tablet. Then again, I like to be proven wrong and hope to get a review unit sometime soon.

Video: BlackBerry shows off PlayBook's multi-tasking capabilities

26 Oct

RIM co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis showed off the BlackBerry PlayBook and its multi-tasking capabilities for the first time. The demo took place at Adobe’s MAX event. We would leave it up to the video to do all the talking and showing.


SOURCE: Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog