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Qualcomm to demonstrate new super-fast peer-to-peer wireless tech at MWC

8 Feb

Qualcomm has announced that it will demonstrate a new peer-to-peer wireless technology, which will enable users to share data/connect at broadband speeds with each other without requiring any intermediate infrastructure. Some excerpts from the press release:

FlashLinq advances a concept known as proximal communications, whereby users can continuously connect, disconnect and communicate directly with other mobile users at broadband speeds based on their physical proximity. The technology is designed to complement traditional cellular-based services and serve as a scalable platform for new types of applications.

FlashLinq is a synchronous TDD OFDMA technology operating on dedicated licensed spectrum and is distinguished by its high discovery range (up to a kilometer), discovery capacity (thousands of nearby devices) and distributed interference management. By enabling the simultaneous discovery and communication of thousands of proximal devices, FlashLinq can effectively create a “neighborhood-area network,” where fixed and mobile peer applications can interact directly.

Qualcomm plans to collaborate with SK Telecom to trial FlashLinq in South Korea and explore potential commercial uses.

SOURCE: Qualcomm

Sony Ericsson pushes out press invites for MWC, confirms new XPERIA smartphones

24 Dec

Sony Ericsson has started sending out press invites for its annual press conference on the eve of MWC, which happens to be February 13 this time. What’s interesting to note is that the invite specifically mentions there will be new XPERIA smartphones (there will be more than one!). I have been attending Sony Ericsson’s MWC press conferences every year and they tend to be lavish affairs. Earlier this year, Sony Ericsson had announced the XPERIA mini, XPERIA mini pro and the X8 at its MWC press conference. This time around, in all likelihood, we’d get to see the XPERIA Play (aka the PlayStation Phone) and possibly a refreshed version of the popular XPERIA X10. Hopefully, 2011 will be a year when Sony Ericsson catches up with the rest of the Android world and launches smartphones running on the latest OS version. We have a feeling that the lovechild of Swedish and Japanese parents won’t disappoint us this time.

SOURCE: Android World

GSMA announces stellar lineup of speakers for MWC 2011

3 Nov

mwc_logo_11 The GSM Association (GSMA), which organises the Mobile World Congress (MWC) telecom show every year has announced a list of speakers who will be making their keynote address at the show. The list includes the who’s who of the industry and next year’s show seems to be one of the most stellar ones in the past four years that I have attended. What’s more, Google will, for the first time, exhibit at the show and like last year, its CEO Eric Schmidt will make a keynote address. I recall listening to him in a packed auditorium where he announced that at Google, “it’s mobile first.” MWC 2011 will take place in Barcelona from February 14-17. Here’s a list of some of the speakers at the show:


· Paul Otellini, President and CEO, Intel

· Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

· Stephen Elop, President and CEO, Nokia

· Ryuji Yamada, President and CEO, NTT DoCoMo

· Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO, Research In Motion

· Masayoshi Son, Chairman and CEO, SoftBank

· Carol Bartz, CEO, Yahoo!

· Daniel Hajj, CEO, América Móvil and Telcel

· Randall Stephenson, Chairman, CEO and President, AT&T

· Li Yue, President and CEO, China Mobile

· Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO, Google

· Peter Chou, CEO, HTC

· Paul Jacobs, Chairman and CEO, Qualcomm

· Jack Dorsey, CEO, Square

· Evan Williams, Co-Founder, Twitter

· Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive, Vodafone

· Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive, WPP


It will be a tough MWC to cover next year as we will have to make a tough choice of whether to cover all the new product launches or listen to some of the biggest names in the industry.

Facebook hosting a 'mobile event' on November 3

30 Oct


Facebook has sent out invites to the press in the US for a ‘mobile event’ on Wednesday. The event is being held barely a month after rumours of Facebook launching its own phone. So will we really see Facebook releasing its own hardware or will it be just a tie-up with a handset vendor like INQ? Or is this not about hardware at all and we are simply looking at some new mobile-centric feature? All will be revealed on Wednesday, that is if someone does not leak it earlier. We are counting on the latter.



What could HTC be planning to launch on October 7?

30 Sep

HTC is throwing a party on October 7 in Taiwan, where it is inviting the press to see what it has dreamt up. The date seems to be a bit early for showing off Windows Phone 7 gear, but then CEO Peter Chou has done it once before – he announced at his press conference that Microsoft will be launching Windows Mobile 6.5 an hour later at MWC in 2009. Will HTC steal LG’s thunder, which is holding a major press event in Singapore a week later to launch the Optimus 7 and claiming it to be the world’s first commercially available Windows Phone 7 smartphone? Or will it be just an Android Internet Tablet and a couple of Android smartphones? We doubt the latter and are placing our bets on Windows Phone 7 devices and with that goes whatever little chance LG had to stake claim to being the first to launch Windows Phone 7. The million dollar question is, whether Microsoft knows about HTC’s plans!

Samsung to announce Wave successor tomorrow?

14 Jun

Samsung is speculated to announce the successor to its first Bada phone – the Wave – to kick off things at CommunicAsia tomorrow. Samsung Hub is claiming that the company would announce the Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro (with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard) at the show. We find that pretty strange timing considering that the Wave has just started hitting shores in different markets (pun intended). The last thing a company could do is announce a successor to a product which hasn’t yet hit shelves.

Other phones on the roster include a couple of Android phones, the i5000 being one of them, and a WinMo-based Omnia Pro 4. Well, we would have to wait for less than 24 hours to know whether all this is for real. Hang in there till then.

Nokia's first MeeGo superphone to be announced on September 14?

14 Jun

Nokia might lift the covers off its first MeeGo device on September 14 in London, which happens to be this year’s venue for the company’s annual event where it announces its best devices that usually hit markets during the holiday season. Last year’s Nokia World event was the setting for the launch of the N900 and the year before that was the N97.

Judging by the precedence, this year Nokia should announce its new MeeGo devices (smartphones/Internet tablets and the works) at this mega event. However, we have seen how the past two devices that were announced at the event have done in the market and hope that this year would be an exception.

Another major happening at Nokia World 2010 would be an opening keynote session on September 15 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web or the Internet as we know it. That certainly should be interesting.

In the meanwhile, start crossing off dates in your calendar as three months from now would mark a new beginning for Nokia. Check here for more details about Nokia World 2010.

Aye, there's a new iPhone in town

7 Jun

For once, all the speculation about what Steve Jobs would reveal at the WWDC was spot on. After some remarks about the iPad, some jibes at Google (“A friend of mine wrote this, and he sent me an email and he said I could use it. I earned more in the first day of selling Elements than I did in the past 5 years of Google ads on”) and demos of a few games, the Cupertino Czar gave the tech world a glimpse of what it had been waiting for – iPhone 4. And this is the first one that marks a really radical departure from the original godphone in looks and design, unless you are talking of the one the folks at Gizmodo dug up. Jobs called it the “most precise thing and most beautiful thing we’ve ever made” and frankly it did look an eyeful, although some might miss the more rounded feel of the previous iPhones.

Although Jobs hailed it as the slimmest smartphone in town at a mere 9.3mm thick with a metallic band that (surpirse!) doubled up as an antenna, what really grabbed eyeballs was the 3.5 inch “retina screen” (jargon alert!) with an amazing density of 326 pixels per inch and a resolution of 960×640, which gave looking at pictures, videos and even text a whole new dimension – in simple terms, this baby has 78% of the pixel count of the much bigger-screened iPad. As if that were not enough, the demand for the front facing camera was met too, the processor under the hood was an A4 with 1 Ghz clockspeed, a gyroscope was added to the playing mix, the battery was beefed up, and to round things off, the megapixel count of the back camera was ratcheted up to 5MP, with HD video recording thrown into the mix to make this one multimedia monster.

But of course, hardware is only part of the charm of what has become known all over the world as the Godphone and sure enough, Stevie J was pulling rabbits out of the hat, highlighting the multi-tasking ability of the device, welcoming apps like iBook (with PDF support) and iMovie (which we frankly think is the most devastating video editing app ever seen on a handset, if videos are anything to go by) to the iPhone, highlighting the potential of iAds (evidently $60 million has been committed for the second half of the year from iAds advertisers), and even making some Apple faithful wince by rechristening the Apple OS as iOS 4. We should have expected it from a company that has a fixation with the word “i” when it comes to products – iPod, iPhone, iLife, iMac, iPad, iTunes,…igiveup!

There was even a “one more thing” moment – only it ended up with Steve talking to design wiz Jonathan Ive on Apple’s video calling app, FaceTime, which worked just dandy without requiring ANY set-up of any sort, but also works only if both users are using iPhone 4s and are on Wi-Fi – steep requirements for some.

At the end, it was time for the price – and this time, we got it right. The iPhone 4 would come in two colours, black and white, and would carry price tags of $199 for 32GB 16 GB and $299 for 64GB 32 GB. It would start shipping to five countries on June 24 – USA, France, Germany, UK and Japan – and would be available in 88 countries (including India, we hope) come September. In the meantime, users of the iPhone 3G and 3GS as well as iPod touch can upgrade to iOS 4.0 for no cost at all (yes, even for iPod touch owners) on June 21.

When the dust had finally settled, we were left pondering about the new iPhone and while our opinions will riddle the pages of this web site for many days to come, our initial feel was that while there was no real “killer app” (to use Jobspeak) on the iPhone 4, it certainly was the first of the Godphone range that can hold its own in the tech spec department against most of the competition in smartphone town. Combine that with its staggering array of apps (more than five billion downloads already) and you will understand why we are having second thoughts about our decision to buy iPads. Come September…and come fast, please.

Must watch: Eric Schmidt's keynote address at MWC

3 Mar

This year’s MWC was a bit different from others – Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, was finally recognised by the telecom industry and Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, made the keynote address. Neither Apple nor Google are what we call traditional telecoms players, yet, they have had a bigger impact in the telecom industry in the past couple of years than anyone else. I consider myself priviliged to be able to hear Mr Schmidt talking about how Google is making ‘Mobile First’ and his vision of how crucial connected cellphones will be in the coming years. For those of our readers who couldn’t make it to MWC, here’s the complete video of Eric Schmidt’s keynote address including the whacky intro courtesy of the Official Google Mobile Blog. Grab a bucket of popcorns, a bottle of soda (or any poison of your liking) and hit play.

HTC announces HD Mini, Legend and Desire

16 Feb

HTC today announced three new devices at MWC – the HD Mini, Legend and Desire. The HD Mini is a compact version of the HD2 (did we have to tell you?), the Legend is the 2010 version of the Hero with a new unibody, aluminum casing, while the Desire is simply the Nexus One with a new version of HTC’s Sense UI. We’ll be uploading some video demos of all these products next week, so stay tuned.

All the three phones will be shipping by April, which again is a sort of trend for this edition of MWC, where vendors are launching products which will be shipping in a couple of months than the latter half of the year.

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