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LG announces Swarovski crystals studded Bluetooth headset

20 Jul

LG’s German blog today featurs an attractive Bluetooth headset – the HBM 530. Carrying a price tag of Euro 50, this Swarovski crystals studded headset promises 3.5 hours of talktime and 200 hours of standby time.

Solar powered charger for iPhone

18 Feb



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away with the iPhone battery blues. Here’s a solar powered case for charging
the iPhone.The iPhoneTM TuffCharge case has been developed by Intivation and
Freeplay Energy and allows users to charge their phone in daylight conditions.
The company claims that exposing the case to sunlight for an hour will help add
about 60 minutes of talk time or two hours of music playback. The case is a
sustainable power source that features an extra battery that gives longer
battery life to the phone and a dock connector that charges the battery and the
phone at the same time.


Mobile act of a watch – It is Sony Ericsson yet again!

24 Sep

Nothing bugs us more than something distracting our make-up session. Well at that point, don’t we all just wish that the phone should fly and reach our hand immediately?  But now, we have got a simple solution to our problem. We can see who is calling by just simply glancing at the dial of our watch and act accordingly either accept or reject by pressing a button on our watch.

Being a chick, I know what it feels like whenever I get a new watch. But these days nothing can woo your lady love more than a sexy Bluetooth watch. Sony Ericsson and Fossil have collaborated yet again, but this time for the fairer sex. The Sony Ericsson MBW200 pairs with your Sony Ericsson phone via Bluetooth so that you can see who is calling you up by simply looking at your watch. Also, you will get SMS alerts on your watch.
This Fossil MBW watch also works as music player remote. So whenever you feel lazy to reach your phone which is hidden somewhere in deepest corner of your hand bag, you can change the track by simply pressing one button.
The watch comes in three exquisite designs – 
The Sparkling Allure Edition adds up to your dazzle with its unique Crystal décor stones on the display.

The Contemporary Elegance Edition is somewhat suitable for professionals with its sophisticated design and elegance, of course!

The Evening Classic Edition comes with stylish leather strap and discreet black dial which can be worn in any environment thus making it suitable for wearing the watch casually anytime and anywhere.

We told ya: Moto finally announces H15 Bluetooth headset

19 Sep

Motorola finally made an official announcement for the MOTPURE H15 Bluetooth headset last night, exactly two months after we first revealed it. The tiny headset comes with noise reduction and echo cancellation technology and Moto pegs its talktime at 4.5 hours. Not bad for a product that tiny, we say. 

The math of mobile accessories

5 Sep

Got a cellphone with a conked up battery that just won’t work any more? Well, it might be a better idea to buy a new phone that uses the same battery than buying just a new battery! Nope, I’m not sloshed (not yet) on a late Friday evening. Allow me to illustrate what I mean.

Take, for instance, Nokia’s entry-level product portfolio. If you have a Nokia phone that uses its BL5C battery that has met its creator, it would make better sense to buy a Nokia 1200 than buying a new BL5C battery. An original battery costs Rs 720, while a Nokia 1200 retails at Rs 1,250. The phone pack also comes with an original Nokia charger, which if you buy as an individual accessory will cost Rs 420. Now, do the math — the new phone will cost you just Rs 110! Instead of buying just the battery, if you buy the Nokia 1200, not only you get the battery for your existing phone (assuming it is better than the Nokia 1200, of which the odds are pretty high) but you also get a backup phone and a second charger that you can keep at your workplace!

What’s more, if you also want a handsfree (wired headset) along with the battery, you can go for Nokia’s 1650, which retails at Rs 1900. A handsfree costs Rs 420 as an accessory. Do the math again and the price of the handset (Nokia 1650) comes out to be just Rs 70! Unbelievable? Believe it!

This reminds me of the classic case of inkjet printers, where the cost of the core printing hardware is usually around 10 percent of its retail price while the rest is accounted for by the ink cartridges. But unlike a printer, where the consumer usually runs out of cartridges frequently and buys new ones regularly (and hence providing the manufacturer with a steady revenue stream for a long time after the actual product is sold), the same logic does not work for cellphones. We don’t see lot of folks lining up to buy new batteries or chargers, do we?

A handset vendor might blame it on high import duties in India on ‘accessories’ like batteries and chargers, which attract close to 40 percent duties as against four percent on cellphones but even that does not make sense for the same ‘accessories’ to become dirt cheap when bundled with a cellphone. I strongly feel that cellphone vendors need to bring down the prices of crucial ‘accessories’ like batteries and chargers in order to curb retailing of fake/non-branded stuff that are usually associated with exploding or leaking batteries.

Coming soon: Pico projectors for cellphones!

22 Aug

We have been hearing about the possibility of pico projectors getting embedded into cellphones (who knows, next would be a washing machine?) but before that happens, Optoma will launch a pico projector accessory for cellphones. The accessory can project video and voice up to a distance of five feet and as we understand will be compatible with devices that support TV-out feature. It is based on Texas Instruments’ DLP Pico chipset and will be available worldwide sometime later this year.

Weight 115g (4oz)
Dimensions W50mm (2”) D103mm (3”) H15mm (1/2”)
Projection distance Min 0.25 – Max 2.6m
Image size 0.15 – 1.5m (6 – 60”)
Imaging technology DLP®
Lamp technology LED
Lamp life 20,000 Hours
Contrast ratio 1000:1
Battery life up to 2 hours
Speaker 0.5w

Coming soon: Hand-powered cellphone chargers

2 May

The newly formed IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Ltd, a joint venture between IFFCO and Bharti Airtel, will launch hand-powered cellphone chargers for rural India. Designed specially for the hinterlands, where people don’t get electricity for days on the trot, these chargers will help to keep their cellphones charged. By cranking the charger for seven to ten minutes, users will be able to charge their cellphones.

“We will introduce these chargers in the next couple of months,” said Dr US Awasthi, managing director, IFFCO.