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Wireless Keyboard + iPhone = Pure Magic!

22 Jul

One of the notable features of the iOS 4 update was the fact that it would let the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 connect to keyboards over Bluetooth. Well, we decided to give it a go the moment we upgraded our iPhone 3GS to iOS 4 and managed to get our hands on Apple’s Wireless Keyboard. Why Apple’s keyboard when we were told that the software upgrade would make the device work just as well with any other? Well, mainly because it had music function keys, which we thought would be cool to try out and of course, because we felt that it would work best, thanks to the Apple connection. That it looked cool as hell and was the lightest wireless keyboard in town might have also had something to do with it at some level.
The first thing to do, of course, was to turn on Bluetooth in both devices. This resulted in the iPhone detecting the wireless keyboard but not pairing with it. To initiate pairing, we just touched the wireless keyboard highlighted on the iPhone screen and were presented with a numeric code to punch in and enter on the wireless keyboard. We did so, and hey presto, we were connected. That was literally all there was to it. Continue reading

Gresso brings luxurious casing for the Godphone

29 Jun

Gresso, a company renowned for manufacturing luxury mobile phones, has this time come up with an exclusive wooden casing for your Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. This ‘super-haute’ iPhone casing is made of African Blackwood (known for its durability and strength) with an 18K-gold Apple logo carved on the backside. Since, the texture of the wood always differs, so no two iPhones cases would be alike. So if you don’t mind paying extra for exclusivity, the Gresso iPhone casing is definitely your thing.

There are two variants in the Gresso iPhone casing – the male version (which has a plain back with an 18K-gold Apple logo) and a female version (with an 18K-gold Apple logo and inscribed Swarovski crystals).

The limited edition Gresso iPhone 3GS casing would be available at select outlets in July whereas the Gresso iPhone 4 casing will be only available by the end of this year.

OtterBox launches protective case for Motorola Milestone

15 Apr

American smartphone protective casing vendor, Otterbox, today launched a case for the Motorola Milestone/Droid, which also happens to be the first that we have seen.
Like all OtterBox cases in its ‘Commuter Series’, even this one comes with a silicone skin which covers the back of the device followed by a plastic case that absorbs and distributes pressure generated by the impact when the phone falls. It also comes with a protective screen guard to protect the screen from scratches and damage.

Priced at $34.95, this case should be a certain add-on in case you own a Milestone (or Droid for our American users).

Hit here if you’d like to order one.

Case-mate wants you to mix and match colours for your iPhone and BlackBerry

13 Apr

Case-mate, one of the leading cellphone accessory vendor, has just announced its range of mix-and-match colourful cases for iPhone and Blackberry handhelds. Belonging to the tough case category, users can now choose a different colours for the silicone skin and hard case to get some custom colourful case options. The cases start from $29.99.

OtterBox's Commuter Series for Nokia E72: unobtrusive protection at its best

24 Mar

E72 caseThey say that the best security is the type that is the least apparent. Well, that rarely is the case in the world of cellphone cases which generally tend to stick out like (and give user’s) sore thumbs. However, there are some exceptions. And one of these comes from OtterBox, one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to cellphone cases (like us, they have got technology covered – although we confess that they use “cover” a tad more literally than I do). We got a chance to try out their Commuter Series case for the Nokia E72 and well, we were pretty impressed. The entire package basically comprises three parts – a screen protector, an inner layer made of soft plastic and a harder silicone exterior casing. You first pull on the inner layer on to the E72, and then slip it into the harder casing. No prizes for guessing where the screen protector goes.

We did just that and must confess to being mighty impressed. The Nokia E72 is one of the best-looking QWERTY phones in town but the OtterBox casing did not detract one bit from its looks. It fit very snugly with soft silicon buttons overlaying all the phone’s buttons and the charging port. We could operate the phone effortlessly from within the case. Mind you, the all-black hard silicon back of the case did cover the E72’s snazzy brushed steel back panel but it still did not look too bad, truth be told. The phone, which is pretty tough in its own right, now felt downright solid, with barely a few millimetres added to its proportions – it still slipped snugly into our pockets.

Unobtrusive, sleek looking and pretty tough (yep, we thumped it a few times) – that’s what we thought of OtterBox’s Commuter Series case for the Nokia E72. Well worth the $34.95 price tag, we think. We honestly have not seen anything better for a QWERTY phone. You can buy it from here.

SanDisk starts shipping 32 GB microSDHC cards that cost a fortune

23 Mar

SanDisk has started shipping its first 32GB microSDHC memory card for cellphones. The high capacity memory cards have been manufactured using the latest 32 nm manufacturing technology that enables it to cram 32 GB of memory into a card that’s the size of a finger nail.

Sounds good? Well, the card will set you back by $199 or about Rs 9,000 when it eventually makes it to Indian shores. Coming to think of it, one can buy a decent feature phone for that price!

So will you be one of the first to pick a memory card that’s more expensive than its weight in gold? Let us know, if you do.

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Virgin Mobile launches its wireless internet modem – vFlash

11 Jan

Virgin Mobile announces the launch of vFlash, its new wireless internet USB modem device which promises a speed of 3.1 mbps. The USB Modem vFlash is priced at Rs 3499 and there are various tariff options ranging from Rs 250 to Rs 1100 per month. vFlash service offers a couple of other value added services like the “On Demand Service” option and the Live TV option and both the services are chargeable. 

The ‘On Demand Service’ option lets users download from a wide range of movies, songs, music videos, mobile ringtones and wallpapers whereas vFlash TV feature is a Live TV service which lets users access 40 popular television channels so that the users are updated with the latest happenings.  

The plan initially is available on a Zero rental for first 30 days along with Zero rental on vFlash live TV for the first 30 days for all users who subscribe to it before January 31, 2010.