Samsung to launch Nexus S in India for Rs 24,000?

28 Dec

Take this one with a big grain of salt but if Indian online retailer Infibeam is to be believed, the Nexus S is all set to be launched in India at Rs 24,000! The retailer does not offer a launch date at the moment and simply mentions that it is coming soon.

The Nexus S’ India launch would validate our theory as to why Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy S in India but we have our apprehensions about the source – Infibeam. Remember, this is the same online retailer that had not so long ago claimed that it was selling the iPhone 4 that Apple India had imported, which obviously turned out to be false.

Unlike last time, we are keeping our fingers crossed that Infibeam is not taking its customers for a ride yet again.

SOURCE: Infibeam via Tech Bangalore

One Response to “Samsung to launch Nexus S in India for Rs 24,000?”

  1. Gaurav Mirchandani January 18, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    Dont know if the infibeam news is true, but according to Samsung Sales Department Nexus S is coming in february, and my estimate is that the price will be below 30k

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