Sanjay Kapoor: Airtel still on track to launch 3G services this year

22 Dec

Airtel’s CEO, Sanjay Kapoor, maintained that the carrier was set to launch 3G services in India before the end of this year while speaking at the Nokia Conversations event in New Delhi. Kapoor said that the carrier was awaiting government clearances to flip on the 3G switch.

When asked about unlimited data plans, he insisted that fair usage policies are here to stay. “Unlimited data plans are not sustainable in India because of the high cost of spectrum allocation and the scarcity of spectrum. However, consumers will have the choice of affordable Internet access with sachet plans for daily or weekly access,” he told the audience of this invitation only event.

Kapoor also revealed that the carrier is looking at alternative technologies to cater to ‘hotspots’ – areas where network congestion might lead to poor service experience. Airtel is likely to go with LTE as Kapoor was present at a recent LTE demonstration by Nokia Siemens Networks at the India Telecom event held in Delhi earlier this month.

The panel, which comprised of Nokia’s D Shivakumar apart from industry analysts and Kapoor, opined that the success of 3G in India would eventually depend on the user experience and the government’s ability to provide more 3G spectrum in the future.

2 Responses to “Sanjay Kapoor: Airtel still on track to launch 3G services this year”

  1. f3rfg3rg December 30, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    Hello Sanjay Sir,

    I am one of the subscribers of Airtel prepaid services. Recently, it has been observed that there are many unwanted services being started on the users that use Prepaid. By the time, the user knows about the deducting account balance it has already reached NIL. Upon that, he is denied refund of the his money by the customer care saying this was initiated by the user itself whereas the truth is user is not aware when he was secretly charged for services that AIRTEL provided him without user confirmation.

  2. f3rfg3rg December 30, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    With the basic services so helpless, not sure what will the users go through once you’ll launch the 3G services in India….

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