Nokia N8 gets torn apart, its guts showed off…

8 Oct

An iPhone killer it might not be, but the Nokia N8 seems to be the most easily repairable smartphone out there, according to the fellas at iFixit. Even before Nokia could make the phone available on shelves, they have torn one apart for the whole world to see.

The tear-down also busts a myth, one purported by Nokia itself! The ‘non-removable’ battery is very much removable and replaceable at home, provided one has a spare BL 4D battery and the right screw driver to open the tiny screws on the bottom part of the phone. Unlike other gadgets that have a non-removable battery, Nokia has not soldered the battery inside.

There are many more interesting tid bits about the N8’s internals over there at iFixit. Head over if phone porn (literally) is your thing.

SOURCE: iFixit

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