After Antennagate, is Glassgate next for iPhone 4?

8 Oct

The iPhone 4 seems to be jinxed for Apple. After fielding issues related to its ‘revolutionary’ antenna, it now seems that a few specs of dust might be able to crack the rear glass panel of the phone. GDGT reports that this can happen to users who ‘protect’ their iPhone 4 with a slip-on case. Now the thing about a slip-on case is it shields not only the side of the phone (the culprit behind the ‘grip of death’) but it also protects the back. But as we all have experienced, some tiny particulates do find their way inside and get sandwiched between the rear panel of the phone and the internal lining of the case.

GDGT reports that internally, Apple engineers have learnt that these particulates can scratch the iPhone 4’s rear glass panel, which eventually develop into full-blown cracks! While we have not seen this happen to any iPhone 4 but if it does, Apple will have to bend over backwards and appease agitated customers. I won’t blame them, considering they have spent a fortune buying the iPhone 4 (don’t forget the hours spent waiting in a queue or the days spent waiting out of the window waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive).

I’m not sure how Apple would wriggle out of this one but what I’m sure about is that next year’s iPhone will look a lot different than the iPhone 4.


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