Nokia N8 launch delayed, again…

21 Sep

Reuters is reporting that Nokia has delayed the launch of its flagship smartphone, the N8, till October. This is not the first time the N8 has suffered a delay, which was originally earmarked for a June launch but had to be pushed back as the development of the new Symbian OS took more time than expected. The N8 was supposed to be launched in September but it now seems that Nokia is still not pleased with some elements that require to be tweaked, which might push the launch to some time in October.

The N8 is a crucial device for Nokia this year considering it has not had a single successful high-end smartphone and hence, losing marketshare to Apple and others like Samsung, whose Galaxy S is available on all the major carriers in the US and in over a 100 other countries.

For consumers, however, the delay in roll-out of the N8 should be comforting as it shows Nokia is taking extra measures to ensure that the device gives a flawless user experience. In the past, Nokia has been accused of rushing out half-baked products into the market (remember the N97?).

SOURCE: Reuters

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