Monday Morning Rant: Motorola reveals Android update plans, kinda disappoints users in India

23 Aug

We have been asking Motorola ourselves about their plans to update their Android wares to the latest OS version and they had been non-committal so far. However, it seems we were not the only ones and after being overwhelmed by similar requests, Motorola’s software team has released a tentative plan that outlines when users in specific countries can expect Android OS updates on certain phones. To say the least, the list seems highly partial to the US and we are not pleased to see no confirmed plans for any updates for users in India. The only thing the sheet mentions for users in Asia (excluding Korea) is that update plans are currently ‘under evaluation.’

I have loved all the three Android phones that Motorola has launched in India so far – the Milestone, the Backflip and the XT720. As you might have read in my Backflip review, it is the most innovative product out there but its dated OS undoes whatever Motorola has gained with its industrial design. What’s more, I test all Android apps on a Milestone. (Disclosure: We have loaned the unit from the company.)

Considering that these smartphones are not cheap by any means and most people buy Android thinking that it is an ‘open OS’ and will get regular updates. However, that is seldom the case. It is not just Motorola but look at any handset vendor selling Android smartphones and none of them have any clarity whether they will provide OS updates or not. For the serious consumer out there, buying a new Android smartphone is a gamble – either wait for the latest phone that runs of the latest OS version (and burn a big hole in your pocket) or buy the phone you can afford and pray that it gets updated to the latest version.

I won’t spare handset vendors and give them the benefit of doubt (after all, if they update their old phones to the latest version then who will buy their new, expensive phones), but I would also pin the blame on Google for not coming out in the open and clarifying what is the criteria of phones getting updates. Many product managers from handset manufacturers have, off the record, told me that Google likes to roll out Android updates regionally and not globally. (No points for guessing which country/region gets the updates first.)

So what’s the deal? Why is it that phones like the Motorola Milestone and the Samsung Galaxy S are getting updated to Android 2.2 in Europe while the same OS update is under evaluation in India and other countries in the region? After all, isn’t it the same hardware?

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  1. Patric D August 24, 2010 at 12:15 am #

    As anyone with a Motoblur device knows from experience, Motoblur = screwed by Moto when it comes to updates. Very screwed if you happend to own the first set of Motoblur GSM devices, i.e. Cliq, Cliq XT and Backflip.
    Motorola is only interested in upgrading the Droid series..the higher end devices. The lesser ones get left in the dust

  2. josh August 24, 2010 at 3:00 pm #

    Easy , Just boycot all motorola product in asia…

    you will dying soon motorola..

    Motorola is exclusive only for us market..dont buy from that deceiver


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