Shark Alert! Jaws arrives on the iPhone

19 Aug

This is going to bring a sentimental tear to the eyes of all techies who were around in the seventies when Mr Spielberg had stunned the world with his film on a shark with a taste for human flesh which terrorises a small town. Well, now a game based on that film – and even featuring its spine-chilling soundtrack – has appeared on the App Store. Called (surprise, surprise) Jaws, the game puts you in the shoes of police chief Martin Brody (the role essayed by Roy Scheider in the film, remember?) in the town of Amity Island. And your job, just as in the movie, is making sure that the waters surrounding your town’s beach are safe. Basically, this amounts to getting people out of the sea before they become shark food – and the game does feature a “25 foot long, 3 ton virtual shark.” You can “touch, drag and flick swimmers to beaches and boats” and play through ten levels. Call it a bit like Air Traffic Control with water and a shark thrown in and some very nice graphics, but we reckon that there will be quite a few takers for the game at $2.99.

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