HSPA+ smartphones cometh, T-Mobile teases the Android-running G2

19 Aug

t-mobile-htc-g2-hspa+T-Mobile, the fourth largest carrier in the US, is teasing us with a new Android smartphone that will be the first one out there to support HSPA+ data speeds. So far, we have seen only USB modems supporting these superfast networks that offer up to 48 Mbps downlink and 11 Mbps uplink speeds!

There is very little known about the G2 apart from the fact that it supports HSPA+ networks and will be running Android. If we were to bet our chips, we’d place it on HTC as the manufacturer and would have at least a 3.7-inch display if not 4.3-inch. We expect a September release with a couple of strategically timed leaks before the official announcement.

Indian carriers, meanwhile, are looking at launching HSDPA networks later this year that are theoretically capable of delivering up to 14 Mbps downlink speeds. However, in our experience, carriers usually cap it at about 2 Mbps.

SOURCE: g2.t-mobile.com

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