Indian govt sets August 31 deadline to resolve BlackBerry row

12 Aug

blackberry ban in indiaThe Indian government has set August 31 as the deadline for BlackBerry services, after meetings with government officials, service providers and Research In Motion (RIM) representatives, the makers of BlackBerry, could not reach a conclusive end. The Indian government like those in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE and Indonesia, had raised concerns that government security agencies had no method to intercept data – emails and instant messages sent via the BlackBerry Messenger service – that were sent through BlackBerry handhelds as they did not have any decryption key to read encrypted data.

In all probability, RIM will wait till August 31 to see if its services are indeed banned and will then work out an arrangement with the government, something similar to what it had done with Saudi Arabia. With the precedence set, it is only a matter of time till more countries scramble to get their own security ‘fixed’.

For the sake of clarity, BlackBerry phones will be able to make voice calls and send and receive text messages. The ban will apply to BlackBerry Mail and BlackBerry Messenger services only.

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