Inside Apple's antenna testing lab

17 Jul

For the first time, Apple has released information about its antenna design and testing labs, thanks to the whole “antennagate” debate. Complete with photographs and a video, Apple explains how it tests the antenna performance of its products before they are given a go-ahead for mass production. Every thing, from cellular signals to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even GPS signals are simulated in this lab that has the capability to create real-life conditions. Apple engineers use 17 different antenna characterisation chambers (anechoic chambers) in the lab that measure the device’s wireless and antenna performances. Apple claims that the iPhone 4 had been tested across the world with different carriers running their networks on different equipment in different conditions. Hell, Apple even uses artificial hands and heads that mimic human tissue, apart from real people, to test how it affects the antenna performance.

Then how did Apple not come across the ‘death grip’? That was revealed today during Steve Jobs’ candid talk. They came across the signal drop but it wasn’t that bad as some people out there are facing. Probably, that happened when the test phones were in significantly good network coverage and the signal drop wasn’t alarming to drop a call.

Whatever may have happened, the way Jobs tackled the situation demonstrates why Apple has such devoted customers. Some might call it fanboy-ism but it is not a one-way street as Nokia might be able to tell you when its devoted followers are abandoning ship and embracing Android.

Talking about Nokia, it could learn a thing or two from how things have changed in the past 24 hours for Apple. Consumers do not like to wait till you announce your next product if you cannot bring out a quality product in the first place. And if you keep bringing out kickass products, they are willing to compromise when you stumble. The key is to accept when you have let your customers down, lay out bare facts and take measures immediately to resolve the crisis.

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  1. Thakursahib July 17, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    That facility is amazingly impressive

  2. John smith July 17, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    I am surprised that this facility was not able to diagnose the problem


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