Nokia C6-01 shows up, is C6 with an 8.0 MP cam

16 Jul

Nokia C6-01 versus Nokia C6Ah, Nokia. The company that probably needs to borrow security from Fort Knox to keep their unannounced products from getting leaked. But who can help when the company itself puts upcoming products on their website? Apparently, Nokia Netherlands had put up a picture for one Nokia C6-01 that is similar to the C6, which was announced a couple of months back, but with a slight difference – the C6-01 has an 8.0 MP camera and dual-LED flash rather than the 5.0 MP shooter and single LED flash found on the C6.

While it is almost impossible to keep upcoming products from getting leaked (even Apple is not immune) what I cannot really come to terms with is Nokia’s new naming scheme. What does Nokia C6-01 tell you? Does it tell you that it has a better camera than the plain Nokia C6? No, it does not. And it is not just the C6. Nokia has I believe three or so versions of the C1 and I cannot recall what is the difference between them. Rather than naming it the C6-01, life would have been much simpler if they could simply call it the C6 8MP.

via Portablegear

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