LG outlines its smartphone strategy

5 Jul

LG today outlined its global smartphone strategy during the launch of its latest Android smartphone, the Optimus Z, in Korea. From whatever little we could glean off this crudely translated LG Korea press release, it seems that LG will launch its Optimus Series of phones globally. The series includes the high-end Optimus Z, which runs on Android 2.2 and has a 3.8 inch display, HD video recording and probably even HD TV-out. Then there is the Optimus Q in the mid-segment and one Optimus Chic as the entry-level Android smartphone that will run on Android 2.1.

The press release also mentions Android-based Internet tablet devices in Q4 apart from a Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Looks like we are staring into a string of high-profile launches from LG. Stay tuned in…

No Responses to “LG outlines its smartphone strategy”

  1. Nokia at 12:21 am #

    Even if they release state of the art phones they will still be number 5/6 in smart phone sales

  2. Tim at 10:22 am #

    What will these sell for in India?

  3. mobile reviews at 2:16 pm #

    The strategy of LG has always been a clever one, however, the smartphones increasing numbers does not mean that LG would top the class. Its true they would be ranked 5/6


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