BWA auctions update: Day 12

8 Jun

It just took 12 days for the BWA auctions to cover the initial base price of Rs 10,000 crore set by the government. On the 12th day of the auction, the bids soared to Rs 10,652.08 crore, assuring the government at least a sum of Rs 31,956 crore from the sale of BWA spectrum.

The highest bidding amount was recorded for Mumbai with bidding value crossing Rs 1,800 crore. Delhi occupied the second spot with bidding value of Rs 1,758.29 crore. The third highest and the fourth highest bids were recorded for Tamil Nadu and Karnataka with respective bid amounts of Rs 1,614.48 crore and Rs 1,277.48 crore. Bihar witnessed extra demand by 3 bidders whereas Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu had one extra bidder.

State-owned operators BSNL and MTNL have already received BWA spectrum by the government. The payment criteria demands these operators to pay similar sum that shall be paid by other private operators after the completion of BWA auctions.

Click here to check out the complete report by DoT.

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