Android to become an audiophile pretty soon, to compete with iTunes and Apple

21 May

Last evening’s Google I/O keynotes threw in a few pleasant surprises. Yeah, we knew what was coming up (Froyo, what else?) and also some of the new features that the new OS will bring to the table, but Google did a pretty cool job of hiding some super cool stuff. And one of them was how Android will handle music and specifically, take on Apple in the near future.

The first surprise was the inclusion of a music section in Android Market. Or in other words, a music store within Android’s application store. What’s more, users will be able to search and download songs from their desktops and those songs will automatically get downloaded on the user’s Android phone(s).

But for us, the bigger surprise was an application that would allow users to have all DRM-free songs stored on their PC available on their Android phones remotely. This has been made posssible by Google’s acquisition of a company called Simplify Media. We are not sure whether it stores all the songs in the cloud and downloads them on demand on the phone or whether the PC needs to remain functioning and connected to the Internet all the time.

Both these features are not yet available and Google says that these will be made available soon.

Android users, including us, have often cribbed about the pathetic music player onboard. Probably, this could very well be what the doctor ordered and could make Apple do some tweaking with its iTunes software on which it relies not only for music but even apps.

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