HTC's Android smartphones spread like Wildfire

17 May

Just a day before Google is expected to announce the next version of Android, HTC announced a new Android phone that it calls Wildfire. Looking very similar to the HTC Desire, the Wildfire comes with slighlty lower specs (no Snapdragon processor, no AMOLED low-res QVGA 3.2 inch display). The Android 2.1 smartphone with HTC Sense UI is aimed at youngsters with a widget that enables them to share links to apps over online social networks.

We believe that this is an excellent strategy from HTC, which will make Wildfire much cheaper than the Desire without making a hell of a compromise. The Wildfire has a 5.0 MP snapper, Wi-Fi and GPS, and a 528 MHz Qualcomm processor, which was also used in the Hero. It also has 384 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, which still makes it one of the better specced Android phones out there.

The Wildfire will be available in Europe and Asia in early part of the third quarter. We believe that if HTC is able to price it at about Rs 15,000 (basically it will replace the Tattoo), it can turn out to be a winner. While we are on that thought, was it a product like the Wildfire that Google was talking about when it said it will bring a stripped-down version of the Nexus One to countries like India?

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