What to expect from Android 2.2 aka Froyo

12 May

Android is getting an update next week at Google’s I/O developer’s event. The new version, Android 2.2 aka Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) will be shown off (officially) for the first time. We have seen glimpses of stuff that Google is working upon in the past couple of months and have heard a few whispers of what can be expected in the new OS. So just for a headsup, here’s what you can expect the green robot to do later this month.


Flash 10.1: This is going to be the killer feature for Froyo – full support for Adobe Flash and not just Flash Lite. We had seen it working at MWC earlier this year. We have also seen tablets running Adobe AIR (with NVIDIA’s Tegra platform) so we won’t rule out an Android tablet announcement either.


Automatic app updates: One thing that we do not like about Android Market is it does not inform the user when there are updates to apps that are already installed on the device, like how Apple’s App Store does. With Froyo, Android would go a step further (or so we hear) and offer automatic app updates. The update will be downloaded and installed in the background without any user intervention. We are not convinced if that is really a good thing but we will wait and watch of how this pans out.


Install apps on memory card: At the moment, Android Market apps can only be installed on the phone’s internal memory. This can be challenging considering that most Android smartphones have under 200 MB of internal memory. Developers too, have to size down their apps and it is one of the reasons why we have not seen many graphics-rich games getting developed for Android, unlike the iPhone on which games are among the top-grossing apps.


More games on Android: With better resource management and resulting hardware performance, as well as the ability to save apps on external storage, we expect more games to be available for Android. We won’t be surprised to see at least one high-profile game studio backing Android at the event.

Other than these, there will certainly be some more UI tweaks and probably some more markets where Google will start retailing the Nexus One. Having said that, every major OS update has also witnessed a new flagship device launch in the past. So there is no reason why one should not be one new device announcement to coincide with Froyo announcement.


Image courtesy: Arizonafoothillsmagazine.com

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