India’s 3G auction: Day 27 update

12 May

The bids for a pan-India 3G license has hit Rs 14,025.9 crore for the on the 27th day. The bids for Delhi and Mumbai crossed Rs 2,500 crore. Mumbai led the pack with the highest bid of Rs 2,558 crore followed by Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu with bidding values of Rs 2,510.51 crore, Rs 1,459.05 crore and Rs 1,352.89 crore, respectively.

Six circles witnessed excess demand on the 26th day of the auction. However on the 27th day, there were just five circles in the list of surplus demand zone – Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab, Bihar and Orissa. Bihar witnessed sudden excessive demand by three additional bidders. Delhi continued to hold excess demand by one extra bidder whereas Mumbai had no extra bidder. There were nine circles to witness shortage of demand by one or two bidders after the completion of 153 rounds on the 27th day. The auction process will get over whenever there will be no extra demand in any circle.

To view the entire report, click here.

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