Google Goggles learns a new trick, can now translate text in photos

6 May

Google Goggles, the Android app that till now recognised photographs and told you more about them has just learnt a new trick – the ability to translate text in a photograph and translate it. We had first seen a demo of the app in action during Eric Schmidt’s keynote at Mobile World Congress earlier this year and now it is available for Android devices running OS 1.6 and higher.

The app currently reads English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and can translate text into many more languages. The team is now working to add non Latin scripts like Hindi and Arabic.

This is how it works: Install Goggles on your Android smartphone. Run it and click a photograph of the text you want to translate. The app will then send the photo to the cloud where Google will try to read the text. In case it is able to read it, it will give you options to translate it into one of the many languages that Google Translate offers.

Goggles can be a handy app to have while travelling abroad. Now if only all handset vendors could update their Android phones to the latest OS (yes HTC, that means you) and if carriers could bring down the cost of Internet access on international roaming, Goggles could move up from being a handy app to become a killer app.

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