Now get discount on your call rates with Uninor’s Discount Plan

30 Apr

Ever imagined of getting discount on call rates while travelling to different places? In an attempt to do something completely novel and not copying the same per-second-billing model, Uninor has launched a new plan – 24X7 Badalta Discount Plan – that will offer Uninor users changing discounts on call rates in various different locations. For instance if you’re near an ‘A’ location, on standby mode the phone screen will keep flashing the changing discounts that are available for ‘A’ location at that particular point of time. The discount rates will vary between 5 per cent and 60 per cent and the call rates would cost as low as 20 paisa depending upon the limit of discount the subscriber gets.


Plan Charges- Rs 48

Validity- 90 days

Local and STD call rates- 50p/min


“The discount rates will depend on the network traffic, if there is low congestion on Uninor’s network then the discounts might be high and if the network is already jam-packed, then users might probably get low discounts” said Rohit Chandra, executive vice president- operations, Uninor. For now, the Discount Plan has only been launched in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka but the company will soon roll over this plan in the remaining 5 circles.

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