iPhone is the third-most popular device for Opera Mini

29 Apr

Opera Mini for iPhone had a stellar release earlier this month with one million downloads worldwide on the first day of its availability. And in just a fortnight’s time, the iPhone became the third most popular handset for Opera Mini usage worldwide, according to Opera’s State of the Mobile Web Report. In US, the iPhone surpassed BlackBerry which was earlier the number one device on which Opera Mini browser was used the most. However, these are the opening numbers since the Mini browser on the iPhone is not even a month old, the detailed figures will be published next month in the April report. For now, take a look at the other details of the report.

Other details from the March report: In March 55.2 million users around the world used the Mini browser which is a significant increase for a month’s time considering that the worldwide users of the Opera Mini browser in February were 50.5 million. In India, Nokia is still the reigning champion with its same old list of top 10 handsets (except for 3500 classic which is now replaced by 6700 classic) on which the Opera browser is used the most. 

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  1. tushar May 12, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    i definitely agree…opera works wonders on the i phone..i even use it on my home comp…and my laptop…

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