What does HP's acquisition of Palm mean for webOS

28 Apr

HP’s acquisition of Palm does not seem to be much about Palm as a company but rather its webOS platform. HP sees webOS as a great platform to create innovative new products that would help it get a footing in not just smartphones but other product categories like netbooks and even tablets. So what does this deal mean for webOS?

The biggest advantage that webOS will get is some much-needed cash infusion to evolve the platform that will keep it competitive with the likes of iPhone OS and Android. HP has put its weight behind the platform and will see to it that it is well-funded.

Secondly, it will make webOS devices available to more customers in more markets than what cash-strapped Palm could do. From a webcast that concluded a few minutes ago, HP made it clear that it will be able to strike better deals with hardware manufacturers and ensure that more carriers across the world carry webOS devices based on its existing relationships.
Thirdly, webOS would figure in HP’s greater scheme of things as it would prefer the platform to power different form-factors like tablets and even netbooks. This would give HP a differentiation from its competitors.

Fourthly, globally HP is an aggressive player and invests a lot in its go to market and distribution programs, something that Palm could not have done considering its financial state. Again, this is something that webOS desperately needs.

And finally, with more devices/form-factors available to a larger audience, HP hopes that webOS would see the level of developer participation that the platform deserves.

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