Nokia announces its 2010 flagship – the 12.0 MP camera toting N8

27 Apr

Nokia today revealed the N8, the handset vendor’s most crucial smartphone of the year. The N8 is the first smartphone running on Symbian^3, the reworked touchscreen version of the Symbian OS. While Nokia and other members of the Symbian Foundation are busy working on the next version of the OS, Nokia has only the N8 and probably a handful of other smartphones running on Symbian^3 to hold on to, while other devices on Android are capturing an ever-increasing share of touchscreen smartphone market. With the N8 expected to hit markets only in the next quarter, this device better does what it is meant to unlike other flagship phones from Nokia (the N97 being the most recent).

Coming back to the N8, it is pretty well stacked against competition. At about €370 before taxes and subsidies, its 12.0 MP camera with HD recording, a refined UI (single click everywhere) and good industrial design, the N8 does seem to be a great multimedia smartphone (the Sony Ericsson Satio and any other Symbian S60 fifth edition are not worthy of being called smartphones). Howevever, I won’t be passing any judgements, not yet, as my experience with Nokia’s flagship products in the past says that it’s better to wait for the real thing than getting excited with press photos and spec sheets.

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