Anssi Vanjoki on Nokia and its competition in India

26 Apr

Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president – markets, Nokia is in town and addressed a press conference to announce Nokia’s Messaging service and three “new” devices – the C3, E5 and C6. However, we were more interested to know what he thought of the rise of the new breed of ‘domestic’ players in India and the increasing competition.

“It is funny when people call these new brands Indian brands as there is nothing Indian about them, probably just some profits. Their products all come from outside. On the other hand, Nokia has a manufacturing and R&D facility in India, which makes Nokia the largest Indian brands,” he said.

On phone with dual-SIMs, Vanjoki said that Nokia works closely with the entire ecosystem, which includes carriers. However, Nokia will come in this space at some time.

Though Nokia has the largest portfolio of devices and is the largest player in India, we believe that with a global product portfolio, Nokia has not been able to target individual markets and that’s where ‘domestic players’ like Micromax, Spice and Videocon are scoring.

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