New Fast and Furious game racing to App Store on Thursday

20 Apr

Fast and Furious Adrenaline
There’s good news for mobile racing game lovers. After Fast and Furious The Game, and Fast and Furious Pink Slip, the App Store is set to welcome a third game in the series, Fast and Furious Adrenaline, come Thursday. The release in our inboxes talks of 35 cars, more than five “iconic” locations, 12 tracks, five race types, brand new night tracks, and (the part we like best) the option of uploading your racing videos to Facebook using the Facebook Video upload facility. There is also mention of a Turf War mode, where player is asked to join a crew, and then conquer territories by winning races as well as defending existing turf when challenged.

All of which sounds like vintage Fast and Furious. And while the release does not mention it, we are sure that the game will be backed up by some terrific music, in best F&F tradition. Quite remarkably, there is no mention of the graphics either (normally the best place for the agencies to throw in adjectives like “jaw-dropping,” “earth-shaking,” and the like) but the screen grabs we have seen look VERY promising. We have no idea of the price but heck, we reckon, it will be worth it for those with a need for speed. Pun intended.

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