Is this the iPhone 4G? We hope not…

17 Apr

Another day, another claim of an iPhone 4G sighting! This time, Engadget is reporting that someone found a phone lying on the floor of a bar that turned out to be a completely unknown phone model inside an iPhone 3G case. Turns out that the phone has some 80 GB of internal memory, runs on an unknown OS, has a front facing camera and all the markings pointing towards Apple.

However, we find this piece of hardware to be way too fugly to classify as Apple hardware. Also, judging from the pictures, it is a bit difficult to imagine how something this flat and thick can fit into an iPhone 3G case. This could be a very early prototype without the final design. Just some hardware put together to test the OS and the internals.

Well, if the picture is actually genuine, Engadget just cost some poor, drunk soul his job. Probably a call from Steve Jobs (or a three word e-mail saying you are fired) will be good enough to cure the hangover.

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