Vodafone's 3G USB does not do 3G…in India

16 Apr

Vodafone 3G USB StickEven as the 3G spectrum auction goes on in India, Vodafone has gone into
ad overdrive, promoting its 3G USB Stick (a USB modem, really). We were
a bit surprised to see the ads in the mainlines and on the streets, as
Vodafone has not launched any 3G services in India as yet. And on the
surface, the deal seemed a sweet one – Rs 5999 per year for free 1G
 usage per month, and Rs 6999 for unlimited usage, for most of India,
with the rates being Rs 500 higher for Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya
Pradesh. And that payment incidentally includes the cost of the USB
stick which is Rs 2599. Now that compared very favourably with the
mobile broadband Internet USB modem packages from the likes of Tata and

The problem is that the “3G” in Vodafone’s 3G USB Stick does not
work in India in India. The website
clearly states “Gets you high-speed connectivity to the internet
through the Vodafone
EDGE network” before clarifying the 3G element: ” Gives 3G Broadband
speeds when you travel abroad.” All of which left us a bit disappointed
as in this era of mobile broadband data cards, we were kinda hoping that
this marked Vodafone’s entry into mobile broadband data at least. Our
fault for getting our hopes up, we guess.

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