AdMob VS iAd: Reebok releases interactive ads for iPhone and Android using AdMob

13 Apr

After Steve Jobs showed us what kind of ads we can expect to see within iPhone apps the other day, we were kinda tempted to open apps only to see those ubercool ads. While iAds are still a couple of months away, its rival – AdMob – is already brandishing a new Reebok mobile ad campaign that seems to be similar (if not all that media rich) to the ones that Apple showcased for Nike. 

In a blog post, AdMob revealed Reebok’s ad campaign for its new ZigTech shoe. The ad will run on some Android and iPhone apps and is targeting an audience of 18-30 year old men who are interested in sports, news, and music.

All ads link to a mobile optimized site where users can visit a product gallery, watch videos, and find a store near them to purchase the shoes.

And that’s where the difference lies between AdMob and iAd. While AdMobs rich-media apps might look good, they open into a new web site rather than opening within the app (or that’s what the blog post seems to indicate). Like Jobs mentioned during his presentation where he demonstrated iAds, users don’t click on ads because it takes them away from the application and what they were doing. Somehow, AdMob needs to understand that and tweak their offering accordingly if it wants to survive Apple’s onslaught, at least on the iPhone.

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