Update: Nokia to announce something on April 13 that will connect everyone

11 Apr

Over at the Nokia’s Events page, we found out a countdown for an event that simply says ‘Everyone Connect’. The countdown hits zero on Tuesday, April 13.

While we ain’t sure at the moment what the event is all about but it looks unlikely to be for the 12.0 MP multimedia camphone that we know so far as the N8. Could it be about Nokia’s Messaging Service? Or simply some more entry level phones?
There are only two ways to find out – either someone leaks the info before the event or we wait till the event itself. We are betting on the former. You can check out the countdown here

Update: The word is out. Nokia will announce messaging service on Ovi Maps rather than a spanking new phone. Seems quite similar to Google’s Latitude service, let’s wait till tomorrow to find out what extra tricks Nokia has up its sleeve.

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  1. Kamal April 11, 2010 at 6:43 am #

    Hey Rajat,

    where did you found the picture, I mean at which page?

    Thanks, regards from Germany!

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