Microsoft is set to launch its own social networking phones in the US on Monday

9 Apr

Finally, Microsoft’s acquisition of Danger – the makers of Sidekick phones sold on T-Mobile in the US – is bearing some fruits. The blogosphere is abuzz with news that Microsoft will release its first set of phones (read hardware) with American CDMA carrier Verizon Wireless as early as April 12.

Rumours (and at times detailed leaks like this picture from Gizmodo) have been doing the rounds for a long time that Microsoft is working on ‘Project Pink’ – two social networking phones being developed by the Danger team. These phones are unlikely to run on Windows Phone 7 and won’t be smartphones in the traditional sense. Instead, they will focus on accessing online social networks and will target youngsters, just like Sidekick phones.

The performance of these devices in the market will be critical for Microsoft as it continues to lose market share to iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones, while smartphones running on Microsoft’s new OS are not expected to hit before the holiday season towards the end of the year. It will be also interesting to see how Microsoft convinces its hardware partners that these devices won’t compete with their Windows Mobile smartphones. 

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