Skyfire halts BlackBerry development, focuses on Android

8 Apr

Skyfire, the developers of webkit-based web browser for mobile devices, has announced that it will halt its development for BlackBerry and will instead focus on the Android platform. The company was earlier this week hunting for alpha testers for its Android browser.

In a blog post, Skyfire’s CEO Jeff Glueck, wrote: “The Blackberry developer environment is not as favorable for cutting-edge application development.  The APIs are fragmented and inconsistent, and the Java virtual machine Blackberry requires is not efficient. While Blackberry users are desperate for a better browser – we know, and we hear them – we only want to bring out something that meets our high standards and is truly great.”

It makes sense for Skyfire to pursue Android like it has considering that it had acquired Kolbysoft, the company behind Steel Browser, in February this year. Steel browser was one of the most popular thirdy part browser for Android, and has since been taken off the Android Market while Skyfire develops it further.

Skyfire competes directly with Opera Software, the makers of the world’s most popular thirdy party browser for cellphones, Opera Mini. Both browsers compress web pages on their servers before sending them to mobile phones, thus saving bandwidth and also giving a faster mobile Internet browsing experience. Skyfire differentiates itself by delivering videos on web pages, a feature not supported by Opera.

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