iPad. Yes! It is Revolutionary

4 Apr

I had planned to make an advance purchase of iPad and have it delivered rather than brave the crowds thereby breaking my tradition of standing in line for every iPhone that Apple has launched. Alas, the tradition has not been broken. However, I must admit that yesterday morning I stood in line for 5 minutes and left as the line was moving very slowly. Around 4 PM yesterday, I was able to purchase the iPad after a five-minute wait. I am not going to bore you with detailed specs, however, I am sharing my actual user experience.

We are truly impressed with the:

  • Display
  • Speed
  • iBooks app
  • Battery life

As the Apple store was very busy, I decided to activate the iPad at home. Understandably, the process to download iTunes 9.1 took longer than normal.  




After downloading the iBooks app, I purchased a Bernstain Bears book for my son for $2.99. I was keen to purchase the Time magazine application and was disappointed that the current issue cost $4.99 – a ridiculous amount given my most recent Time magazine print subscription cost me $30 for the year (51 issues). I hope content providers like Time and Wall Street Journal reduce pricing for their iPad versions in the coming months.


At bedtime, I read my son his first digital book – Bernstain Bears. I was truly amazed with the simplicity and the elegance. After a few seconds, I was very comfortable navigating through the book and wondered if I had purchased my last paper book. I feel fairly confident that my son will read a lot of his books on the iPad.




There has been a lot of discussion if the iPad is a laptop replacement device. After less than a full days of usage, I do not believe the iPad replaces the laptop completely. For individuals who only use their laptops for e-mails, Internet, light word processing and basic spreadsheets – the iPad should suffice.




I navigated to a few websites and was generally impressed with the speed and the usability given the display is larger than those available on smart phones and net books. I must admit that I am still getting used to typing on the iPad. It took me a week to get used to typing on the iPhone, I have a sense it may take me about the same time on the iPad.



  • Cheaper and better method of reading books today and hopefully magazines in the not too distant future
  • Integration of iBook capability with Internet and “laptop” functionality
  • The 10” display enables an excellent movie, TV and You Tube experience

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