Opera’s State of the Mobile Web Report for February 2010

31 Mar

The Norwegian browser maker – Opera, has released its State of the Mobile Web Report for February 2010. By compressing 90 per cent of the web pages and making telephone bills appear happier even for users even with flat-rate data plans, the browser vendor has not only satisfied Opera Mini users but also the carriers. The company has managed to generate over $1 billion per year for telecom operators globally. Opera has also made it clear that their servers are responsible for the fast browsing experience and not the ‘strained telecom networks’.


In the month of February, 50.5 million people were recorded for using Opera Mini and the browser compressed 3 Petabytes of operator data for its users. Say thanks to its compression technology that has saved consumers $8 billion worldwide on their mobile browsing bills.


Nokia devices occupy the top ten spots in India for the maximum usage of the Opera browser. The list includes – Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, 2700 classic, N70, 3110 classic, 6300, N73, 7210, N72, 5310 XpressMusic and 3500 classic. But that should change in the coming months as Nokia faces intense competition from emerging players like Micromax and Spice, that come preloaded with Opera Mini browser.

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