OtterBox's Commuter Series for Nokia E72: unobtrusive protection at its best

24 Mar

E72 caseThey say that the best security is the type that is the least apparent. Well, that rarely is the case in the world of cellphone cases which generally tend to stick out like (and give user’s) sore thumbs. However, there are some exceptions. And one of these comes from OtterBox, one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to cellphone cases (like us, they have got technology covered – although we confess that they use “cover” a tad more literally than I do). We got a chance to try out their Commuter Series case for the Nokia E72 and well, we were pretty impressed. The entire package basically comprises three parts – a screen protector, an inner layer made of soft plastic and a harder silicone exterior casing. You first pull on the inner layer on to the E72, and then slip it into the harder casing. No prizes for guessing where the screen protector goes.

We did just that and must confess to being mighty impressed. The Nokia E72 is one of the best-looking QWERTY phones in town but the OtterBox casing did not detract one bit from its looks. It fit very snugly with soft silicon buttons overlaying all the phone’s buttons and the charging port. We could operate the phone effortlessly from within the case. Mind you, the all-black hard silicon back of the case did cover the E72’s snazzy brushed steel back panel but it still did not look too bad, truth be told. The phone, which is pretty tough in its own right, now felt downright solid, with barely a few millimetres added to its proportions – it still slipped snugly into our pockets.

Unobtrusive, sleek looking and pretty tough (yep, we thumped it a few times) – that’s what we thought of OtterBox’s Commuter Series case for the Nokia E72. Well worth the $34.95 price tag, we think. We honestly have not seen anything better for a QWERTY phone. You can buy it from here.

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