Apple iPhone 3GS finally coming to India this month, many carriers set to hop on!

17 Mar

After a number of false starts, Apple is finally preparing to launch the iPhone 3GS in India as early as next week. Apple is organising a training session for the iPhone 3GS for its sales representatives on March 19 across a handful of cities. We have also heard that the God Phone will be available from March 24, but we ain’t betting our chips on that date just yet.

But what’s more interesting is that the iPhone 3GS will work on more carriers apart from Airtel and Vodafone. We are told that the device will get locked to the user’s carrier (the first SIM that’s inserted into the phone) for a period of one year. We are not sure if this plan includes all carriers but sources have confirmed that there will be more carriers this time around.

What we cannot comment at the moment is the price of the device, but if what we are hearing is correct, the iPhone 3GS is going to be dearer than the iPhone 3G. Well, with a new version of the iPhone expected to be shown off as early as June, would you pick the iPhone 3GS?

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