Docs to Go gives Google Docs real mobility on the iPhone!

11 Mar

Google Docs

If somebody had told us that it would be a proper (read “runs off the phone”) office suite that would make Google Docs really phone-friendly, we would have raised more than the ironic eyebrow. For, we had always assumed that Google Docs was a rival to the good folks who make QuickOffice and Documents to Go. After all, Google’s suite was free of cost and required no installation, while those made by these gents and ladies came with price tags and demanded hard disk space. It seemed a classic cloud vs ground battle, with the twain showing little sign of meeting.

Oh, how wrong we were. For Google Docs finally can work perfectly on a handset (the Godphone, no less) and it is thanks to one of its so-called rivals, Documents to Go. The latest version of Documents to Go (Premium) comes with Google Docs syncing. We downloaded it yesterday (at $14.99, it still costs a lot lesser than desktop office suites) and after messing with a few hours, must confess to being very impressed indeed. The app adds a Google Docs folder to the list of folders you get when you launch it. Enter your username and password and add the maximum cache size the Google Docs files can occupy on your device and you are on your way. 
The first sync will show you all your Google Docs files, giving you the option to download and edit them on your handset and sync them again to keep them updated. Yes, you are restricted to Document to Go’s editing options while editing the files, which are rather less extensive than the ones found on Google Docs but are more than sufficient for the quick editing and writing that one does on a handset. You can even create a file and save it on Google Docs – now, that is something. And one can create or edit a Google Docs file without having to go to the Google Docs website, which is just fine for those who use pay-per-KB data plans.
All of which just goes on to prove that the cloud and ground can work hand-in-hand when it comes to handsets. Take a bow, DataViz (they make Docs to Go, in case ye knew not!) 

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